Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels Review

Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels
PTR Review
  • Pro Rating 8.5

These Milwaukee RedStick expandable levels have wide expansion ranges, effectively giving you several levels in one. My favorite feature of the design is the ability to span gaps between two areas. Examples include cabinets separated by a stove, a floor over a bottom plate, or a wall with a window. All those features come with a steep price, but it's worth the investment.

Overall Score 8.5 (out of 10)

Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels offer wide expansion ranges for truing building components and objects separated by a span. I’ve been working with both sizes on several of our jobs including a complete gut and remodel as well as an addition. More than a few features impressed me and make these tools something you may want to consider for yourself.

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  • Robust, tough-as-nails construction
  • Telescoping expansion effectively offers you several level lengths in one
  • Ability to span gaps between two areas or objects to level or plumb them
  • Telescope tension adjustment and inset lock keep fingers out of harm’s way
  • Easy-to-read vials


  • The design makes these levels heavy (but still lighter than carrying several levels!)
  • There’s a slight flex when fully extended

Milwaukee Expanding Levels Performance

Expanding Possibilities

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when you’ve used standard level lengths for years. But wouldn’t an adjustable level that fit the length of building components make the work more accurate? Of course—and that’s the great advantage of the Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels.

RedStick Expanding Level lock

By releasing the inset lock (positioned to keep your fingers out of pinch points), you can expand the shorter level from 4- to 6.5-feet and the longer one from 6.5- to 12-feet. A tension adjustment controls the ease of slide. In this way, you can level and plumb the entire length of the component.

RedStick Expanding Levels spanning spaces

But there’s another advantage that wasn’t obvious until I put the levels to work. The design doesn’t have a continuous edge, so you can level a span over an obstruction like a bottom plate. You’ll see in the photos that I made sure the floor was level from room to room in a recent remodel. That was easy since the house was gutted to the studs. Of course, there are plenty of other applications as well.

RedStick Expanding Level opened

Even when there’s not an obstruction of some sort, the level’s expandable design works well for spanning cabinets across the kitchen, plate to plate on a wall, and even large openings like you might encounter when building a block wall. They also work a treat for tiling showers, tubs, or entire bathrooms.

Heavier But Lighter

A few guys have pointed out that the Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels are heavy. That’s technically true but, to my mind, neither is as heavy as the several traditional levels it replaces. And those traditional levels can’t span over obstructions, so I really don’t mind the extra heft.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the levels’ slight flex at full extension when horizontal. This particularly affects the longer version. Now, that’s a pretty easy issue to solve as you can avoid maximally expanding the level by just a skosh. You’ll still enjoy the excellent extended reach without any material impact on your work.

Tough Customer

The exterior on both Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels is built like a tank. Even so, the company offers handsome carry bags (MLSB48 and MLSB78). But the levels are so tough that I don’t worry too much about them outside of the bags. It’s important to note, however, that the levels’ Guaranteed Lifetime Accuracy of 0.029° or 0.0005″ per inch applies to the closed position only.

When Milwaukee Tool introduced the RedStick Expanding Levels, it emphasized their reinforced internal components. Apparently, expanding levels with cheap components can become stuck in the expanded position. The RedSticks are designed to reliably open and close for the life of the level. That claim is outside the timeframe and scope of this review, but it deserves mentioning.

RedStick Expanding Level vial

Milwaukee fans will recognize the large, easy-to-read Sharpsite vials. Both levels also boast great hand grips and the shorter version has some seriously strong amplified rare earth magnets.

In a pinch, the levels’ highly legible rules can take the place of your measuring tape, which is really convenient.

RedStick Expanding Level ruler

Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels Price

Here’s how the Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels compare in price to some of the competition.

  • Empire Level eXT78 (4 – 6.5′): $105
  • Milwaukee MLXPM78 (4 – 6.5′): $374
  • Stabila 35712 (7 – 12′): $299
  • Irwin 1801107 (5 – 13’10”): $329.99
  • Milwaukee MLXP712: $279

The Bottom Line

My work benefits from Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels’ ability to fit the entire length of the component I need to be leveled or plumbed. But the levels’ design offers more benefits that aren’t immediately obvious. For example, I took advantage of leveling areas over obstructions like a bottom plate and spanning large gaps. Factor in the reinforced internal components, what seems to be an indestructible exterior, Sharpsite vials, great grips, and a rule that can be your tape in a pinch—and these levels make a compelling case for themselves. The tradeoff is a heavier level, but it’s lighter than the several levels it replaces!

Milwaukee Expanding Levels Specifications

Model MLXPM78

  • Amplified rare earth magnets
  • Length: 48 – 78 inches
  • Width: 4.25 inches
  • Weight: 7.8 pounds
  • Price: $209

Model MLXP712

  • Length: 6-1/2 – 12 feet
  • Width: 4.25 inches
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Price: $279 

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