September 23, 2021

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Milwaukee Snap-Off Utility Knives

Milwaukee Tool is expanding its hand tool offering with the introduction of several new Milwaukee Snap Off utility knives. For starters, the new snap-off utility knives feature an acetone resistant housing and blades made from iron carbide metal. Milwaukee tells us that the blade material will improve durability up to twice as long as standard blades. These are very different than the Milwaukee Fastback folding utility knife or the more advanced Milwaukee Fastback 2 folding utility knife, but then again they serve a very different purpose.

Milwaukee Snap-Off Utility Knives Features

How do you like your Milwaukee snap-off utility knife? As far as options go, users have a choice between standard and precision cut models. Both are available in 9 mm, 18 mm, and 25 mm sizes. The 18 mm and 25 mm knives feature a durable lock and speed thread designed for quick adjustments. This lock has a metal construction that should increase the lifespan as much as 10 times. The 9 mm Milwaukee snap-off utility knives also include a removable pocket clip that functions as a blade snap-off feature as well as an auto-lock slide mechanism for blade adjustments.

Milwaukee 9 mm

Milwaukee Precision-Cut Knives

The precision-cut Milwaukee snap-off utility knives have an optional upgrade to use a rubberized overmolding for even more protection. With the frequency that we use knives like these in our work, we are certainly looking forward to the increased durability and quicker adjustments.

The Milwaukee Snap Off utility knives and their replacement blades are available through authorized Milwaukee distributors and retail between $4.99 and $17.99, depending on size and options. To back up the quality of their products, Milwaukee offers these knives with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Be interesting to see how they do compared to OLFA tools.

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