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Milwaukee Winter Performance and Demolition Work Gloves

Milwaukee Winter Gloves - Winter Demolition Gloves

There are two styles to choose from—Milwaukee Winter Demolition Gloves and Milwaukee Winter Performance Gloves. Both give you 100% waterproof and windproof protection in cooler weather. They also have a terry cloth sweat wipe on the thumb and a SmartSwipe section on the knuckle so you can stay connected without taking your gloves off.

Milwaukee Winter Demolition Gloves – $34.99

Milwaukee Winter Demolition Gloves are first and foremost work gloves. Padded palms help absorb vibration and TPR knuckle guards give you some protection on the top side. Reinforcement along the palms and fingertips give the gloves a fighting chance at a longer life and they use a hook and loop closure.

When it comes to warmth, these Milwaukee winter gloves get 40g of insulation.

Milwaukee Winter Gloves - Winter Demolition Gloves


  • Small (48-73-0030)
  • Medium (48-73-0031)
  • Large (48-73-0032)
  • XL (48-73-0033)
  • XXL (48-73-0034)

Milwaukee Winter Performance Gloves – $29.99

Milwaukee Winter Performance Gloves focus more on general protection and warmth. They have a reinforced layer between the thumb and index finger and a nylon pull loop that makes them easier to pull off.

These work gloves have 60g of insulation, 20g more than the Winter Demolition Gloves.

Milwaukee Winter Gloves - Winter Performance Gloves


  • Small (48-73-0040)
  • Medium (48-73-0041)
  • Large (48-73-0042)
  • XL (48-73-0043)
  • XXL (48-73-0044)

A Few Thoughts

The major differences between these two Milwaukee winter gloves boil down to protection and warmth. The Winter Performance Gloves give you more insulation (and therefore better heat retention) in a general safety glove type of style. It’s a solid replacement as a cold-weather work glove for almost any job you’d normally need work gloves for.

The Winter Demolition Gloves a little less insulation and get a boost in protection. The name “Demolition” is no accident. With padded palms and extra protection on the top, these are great for high-vibration tools like reciprocating saws, rotary hammers, and demo hammers on demo jobs.

I’ve been using Milwaukee’s original Demolition Gloves since they came out and like them quite a bit. I even use their fingerless work gloves to double as mountain biking gloves. While we won’t need insulated gloves here in central Florida very often, these look like a solid addition to Milwaukee’s PPE lineup.

Have you used these work gloves yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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