Monkey Rung Ladder Accessories for Painting

Monkey Rung Ladder Tools and Roller Ready Cleaners are Made By Contractors, For Contractors

If you spend any time at the top of a ladder, you’d do yourself a favor by looking into a safe and helpful solution for working with paint and tools at height. Monkey Rung Ladder Accessories are designed by tradesmen who make a living working from the top of a ladder. It’s that experience that went into the design schemes of the Money Klamp, Monkey Grip, and Monkey Rung accessories. Whether painting or working with power tools, the Monkey Rung product line aims at making your work experience safer put things closer within reach.

And, when working with paint on ladders, the Roller Ready Paint Roller Cleaner looks handy. It promises to take your rollers from sloppy messes to clean and ready to reuse in mere seconds.

Monkey Rung Ladder Products

The Monkey Rung product line includes the Monkey Grip and the Monkey Klamp. Both share the same ultimate purpose. They give you a convenient and sturdy place to hang your tools, bags, paint cans, and so on. The company makes two designs. The Monkey Grip works within the rungs of your extension ladder. The Monkey Klamp affixes to the outside of your A-frame ladder.

Both of the Monkey Rung hangers work with the brand’s line of accessories. These include hangers that hold tools, support paint cans, and even hold onto bags. Each can support up to 15 lbs.

This design only requires one-time installation, with the both A-frame and extension ladders functioning while the Monkey Rung products are in place. Both designs reduce accidents by increasing 3-point contact, making jobs safer and more convenient to work.


You can purchase the Monkey Rung lineup on various online retail sites, including Amazon. Whether you need the Monkey Grip for your extension ladder or the Monkey Klamp for your A-frame, you can expect to drop about $50.

For more information about Monkey Rung Products, click here.

Roller Ready Paint Roller Cleaner

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to clean out your paint rollers when the job is done, look no further than the Roller Ready Paint Roller Cleaner. This helpful accessory chucks up into your favorite drill to clean your paint rollers effectively with the power of centrifugal force.

You’ll need a couple of buckets, and one of those filled with water. After chucking up the Roller Ready Cleaner and sliding on your dirty paint roller, you hold the Roller Ready inside the first bucket and fire up the drill. It only takes a few seconds to spin off all of the excess paint inside the bucket.

Then, you put the Roller Ready Cleaner into your water bucket, firing up the drill for anywhere between 15 and 60 seconds. The water rinses out all the residual paint. From there, you move back to the dry bucket and give the Roller Ready another spin to dry off the remaining wetness. Boom, you’ve got dry, clean rollers!


You have a couple of options when it comes to the Roller Ready Paint Roller Cleaner. They make both a large aluminum model and a large plastic model. They retail for $24 and $18, respectively. Or, if you need something smaller, Roller Ready does offer some options for your smaller rollers too.

For more information about the Roller Ready Paint Roller Cleaner, click here.

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