Best New Milwaukee Tools 2018: NPS 2018 Video Wrap-Up

Best New Milwaukee Tools 2018: NPS 2018 Video Wrap-Up

If you’re looking for the best new Milwaukee tools 2018, you’re in the right place! Milwaukee announced a brand new battery – RedLithium High Output HD that is going to take their cordless platform to the next level. Imagine getting 15-amp wall outlet power from a battery pack. That’s what Milwaukee is claiming they’re able to exceed with their new packs in 12.0 and 6.0 amp hour builds.

If you’d like to check out our written coverage, click here. But if you’re here for the videos, what are you waiting for? Click play!

Best New Milwaukee Tools 2018 Video Coverage

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9″ Large Angle Grinder (1:30)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-1/4″ Circular Saw (2:34)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1″ Impact Wrench (3:40)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Gen 3 Impact Driver (4:32)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 16″ Chainsaw (5:34)

Milwaukee M18 RedLithium High Output HD Battery (6:22)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Jigsaw (8:21)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Super Sawzall (9:58)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 8-1/4″ Table Saw with One-Key (10:51)

Milwaukee Linemen’s Pliers (11:47)

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Stubby Impact Wrench (12:27)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Gen 3 Hammer Drill (13:24)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum (14:37)

Remember to stick around for the outtakes at the end!

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The backpack vacuum is interesting, with all of the tools (like the new cordless orbital sanders) having a vacuum attachment I suppose you could run the backpack vac connected to your sander and keep a pretty tidy work space – with “no strings attached”. It will be handy for reaching high into corners for cobb webs and hi dust, just strap it on and climb your ladder – nice convenience.


$399 for a 16″ chainsaw with battery included? This is the info I was looking for – shut up and take my money!

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