Bosch X-Lock Grinder and Wheels - No More Spanner Wrenches! News & Opinion

Bosch X-Lock Grinder and Wheels – No More Spanner Wrenches!

The frustrating search for your spanner wrench is coming to an end with the new Bosch X-Lock grinder and wheel system. It looks like a wheel attachment system that will change the grinder game the same way Starlock did for multi-tools.

10-Second Summary

  • New system consists of grinders and wheels with tool-free wheel changes
  • Starlock-type lever system releases wheels
  • Install wheels by snapping them in place
  • Precision flange fits wheels shape so it can’t spin freely
  • Expect bonded discs, flap discs, wire wheels, and diamond blades to start
  • Most accessories will be backward compatible with standard 7/8″ mounts


Bosch X-Lock Grinder System

What makes this interface tough is that you have to secure a wheel that’s spinning 10,000 RPM or more and deals with a lot of force. So far, there hasn’t been much straying away from the classic flange nut, so it will be interesting to see the final product.

What we do know is that we’re looking at two different product classes: Bosch X-Lock grinders and Bosch X-Lock accessories.

On the accessories side, Bosch tells us that most will be backward compatible with standard 7/8″ mount grinders. That’s good news for any shop that wants to stock one brand of wheels but has both X-Lock and standard grinders.

The interface is a precision flange that doesn’t have a circular pattern, so the wheel can’t spin freely when it’s unlocked. It’s completely tool-free and there is an audible click when your wheel connects properly. When it’s time to change wheels, a lever releases the lock and ejects the wheel.

To set the wheel, rotate it around until its pattern matches the flange, then push it down until it clicks. That extends the two pieces out that holds the wheel against the spindle.

By creating a system that prevents free spinning on the arbor and holds the wheel tight against the spindle, it doesn’t require the surface area and tension of a traditional grinder flange.


What Bosch Says

“X-Lock promises to bring another level of performance and ease of use for trade professionals who rely on a grinder to get the job done each day. Of all the interfaces that Bosch has created (e.g. SDS, jigsaw, oscillating), the angle grinder interface has proven to be one of the most intricate. But the innovative design of Bosch X-Lock addresses the need for functionality greater functionality in a go-to jobsite tool.”

– Anastasia Llamas, Channel/Product Manager for Bosch Power Tools

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Michael Wilson

The cost of these will be BERY Interesting.. or just plain SCARY !

Craig Kapocius

Can’t remember the last time I used a wrench to change wheels on a grinder. And I’ve used a grinder almost every day for the last 14 years


I work full time in a fabrication shop. I use grinders a lot. I use them with cut off wheels and flapper discs. I’ve never once used a spanner wrench to change discs. Once you get it hand tight, the rotation of the blade is self tightening. It also never gets too tight to not easily be removed by hand.