Craftsman 4Ah XCP Batteries Upgrade C3 Tools

Craftsman Upgrades C3 Tools with 4Ah XCP Batteries

Craftsman has just jumped into the fray with new C3 batteries that take their lithium-ion powered cordless tools to 4.0Ah capacity. The new batteries are upgraded to the new format which, presumably, uses the new cells with greater power density. The result is a pack with more power in the same size as the former 3.0Ah models. Craftsman is branding the new technology XCP for eXtreme Core Performance (seriously, if one more tool company uses the word “Extreme” in their tools we’re going to write an article… Actually we might just do that anyway.) In any case, the new XCP High Capacity Battery Pack (PP2030) has 4.0Ah and delivers more torque and run-time than the former models. It continues to feature a built-in battery gauge and recharges in about an hour.

Craftsman 4Ah XCP Batteries

The new XCP Compact Battery Pack (PP2020) doesn’t list the amp-hour rating (we’re guessing 1.5Ah) but also offers more run-time and a 3-minute charge time.

Craftsman XCP High Capacity Battery Pack PP2030 Craftsman XCP Compact Battery Pack PP2020

Both new batteries also boast of better cold-weather performance than the current Li-ion model and both are available online and in stores right now. Both continue to use the same C3 tool post-style form. The XCP 4.0Ah battery runs around $99 and the slim model will cost around $69.

For more info, check out the Craftsman website.

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