GearWrench Gimbal Ratchet and PivotForce Pliers

GearWrench, long known for its innovative hand tool design and application in the auto industry, has a pair of new product lines that are sure to gain some attention. First up is the GearWrench Gimbal Ratchet system. Offered with either a 1/4″ or 3/8″ connection, the Gimbal’s main feature is a unique design that allows pivoting in two directions.

GearWrench Project Manager Jim Stewart notes, “Technicians often struggle with fastener removal when using a standard ratchet in tight spaces. With the Gimbal Ratchet technicians can access and easily spin fasteners free. This new innovation, whites much different from the GearWrench 120XP 3-Degree Arc Ratchet, will make life easier for technicians working under dashboards or in other confined spaces.”

GearWrench Gimbal Ratchet Features

In addition to its innovative design, the Gimbal Ratchets are engineered with a 72 tooth ratcheting mechanism that provides 5 degree swing arc. It has an anodized aluminum finish and exceeds ASME performance requirements. The 3/8″ drive can be purchased here and the 1/4″ is available here.  Both carry GearWrench’s limited lifetime warranty and have a street price around $20.

Gimbal PivotForce Compound Action Pliers Features

Also included in the new product line are the Gimbal PivotForce Compound Action Pliers. The big draw here is a design that GearWrench tells us requires 40% less force to cut than regular pliers. This is accomplished through engineering that produces a more efficient transition of power from the handle to the business end.


“This new innovation is a great addition to the GearWrench pliers category. Delivering on our core attributes of strength and speed, end users will quickly come to appreciate the quality forging and ease of cut that PivotForce Pliers provide,” says Jim Stewart.

Meeting or exceeding ASME specifications, the PivotForce is available as a long nose or diagonal variation. It can also be purchased as a set of two that includes both forms.  It is made of forged steel, has an anti-rust coating, and induction hardened cutting edges. The pliers are backed by GearWrench’s limited lifetime warranty. They seem to be very popular as they are out of stock direct from GearWrench and are not expecting the next shipment until late January. When they are back in stock, expect to find prices around $25 each.

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