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Kilz PRO-X 100 Series Interior Paint for Pros


We do a lot of painting around here. Not because we like it—we just know too many people who are either buying, selling, or transitioning houses…Right now, I happen to be one of those people. Because of this, a bargain in paint means a lot, and it certainly gets our attention. So the announcement of the new Kilz PRO-X 100 Series interior paint—and at almost ridiculously low prices compared to what’s on the market—made us grab five gallons and give it a shot.

Kilz developed its new PRO-X 100 Series interior paint with an advanced new formula that gives painters, contractors, remodelers and homeowners a new paint option that focuses on having strong hide and touchup capabilities—and at an affordable price point. The new PRO-X paint retails for between $62.50 and $87.50 for a 5-gallon bucket (the price variance really depends upon which sheen you get). Our eggshell came on the high side, but at $16.68 for an individual gallon container it’s hard to complain.

Kilz PRO-X 100 Series Overview

The new Kilz PRO-X 100 Series interior paint is designed for industry professionals who need high-hide and commercial-grade paint that lets you complete projects more quickly and with less coats. After a period of R&D, Kilz improved sprayability, and the new interior paint can be applied with either a brush or roller. Kilz says that one 5-gallon bucket is capable of covering as much as 2,000 sq. ft. but we didn’t get quite that much coverage in our testing. Still, the paint does roll easily and it seemed to cover reasonably well. We found that by using a much thicker nap roller, and by keeping that roller nice and wet, we could get the paint onto our slightly textured walls with a single coat and still manage decent coverage.

“At the KILZ PRO-X paint price point, we’re delivering a product that is budget-friendly with great hide and application properties. Whether you need high-hide, excellent touch-up or fast production, now is the time to try the KILZ PRO-X 100 Series paints—they’re a great buy for your money.”

Mike Walsh, VP of marketing and new product development for Masterchem Industries (Kilz)

Kilz PRO-X 100 Series Sheens

kilz Pro-X 100 paintThe new Kilz PRO-X 100 Series interior paint is available in three sheens:

  • Interior dead flat
    An ultra-low sheen, high-hiding, non-reflective, latex paint for production environments with strong spray, spray back-roll and touch-up features. It’s ideal for walls and ceilings in high turnover properties and excels at hiding small surface imperfections.
  • Eggshell
    A production quality latex paint developed to provide maximum performance in applications such as spray, spray back-roll and touch-ups. The washable paint is excellent for high traffic surfaces and rental property walls and trim.
  • Semi-gloss
    A production quality latex paint providing maximum performance when applied via spray, spray back-roll and touch-up that is well suited for kitchens, baths, doors, trim, high traffic surfaces and higher-moisture areas.

Kilz says that its new PRO-X 100 Series paint is versatile enough to be used on a number of different surfaces, including drywall, concrete block, masonry, metal, wood, cured plaster, architectural plastics and poured concrete. We stuck to an interior drywall application, but it’s not difficult to believe it would have decent coverage on the other materials as well.

Overall, this is a great new budget paint you might want to try out on your next job or project. Kilz PRO-X 100 Series interior paint could save you some money and, if you use it correctly, it will provide excellent coverage while providing a great value.

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