Titan Elite 2000 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

titan elite 2000

If you research the brand, you’ll find that Titan is all about paint sprayers. Indeed, they have been since 1974, and they’ve accomplished a lot in this time. For example, in ’74, they released the first tip that provided a variable fan pattern and an atomizing orifice. In ’83, they created the first hydraulic sprayer that allowed conversion to gas or electric. And, believe me, the list goes on. So, the question remains: Are they still on the path to innovation with the Titan Elite 2000 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer (2437317)?

Let’s jump into the performance and design features so that you can decide.

Titan Elite 2000 Paint Sprayer Performance and Design

Starting from a bird’s eye view, the Elite paint sprayers encompass a series of models, including the 2000, 3000, and 3500. Several of these units operate on gas-driven engines, while the most recent addition to the fleet, the 2000, utilizes electricity.

On that note, driving Titan’s Elite 2000 model is a 1.0 HP DCX motor. That may not sound like much, but, hey, we’re talking about a paint sprayer here. That said, this unit gives you up to 3000 PSI of spraying force.

This is enough pressure to tackle residential maintenance and small commercial jobs.

titan 2437317

As Titan paints the picture (pun intended), a cornerstone feature of all the models in this series is the brand’s PermaStroke Technology. As they describe it, this design eliminates the need to replace the sprayer’s piston, packings, cylinder, or clutch.

So, ultimately, the benefit here is fewer headaches and expenses, as well as less downtime.

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  • Model: Titan Elite 2000 (2437317)
  • Motor: 1.0 HP DCX
  • Max Operating Pressure: Up to 3,000 PSI
  • Weight: 56 lbs

Of course, part of the performance includes what the sprayer can handle. According to Titan, everything in the Elite 2000 can manage hot solvents.

titan elite 2000 airless paint sprayer

Finally, there’s the fact that this model is airless, and, as such, runs using a sealed hydraulic system. Several benefits accompany this design.

For one, they require minimal maintenance. In fact, the only wear parts are the inlet and outlet valves. What’s more, a sealed hydraulic system never needs repacking, so, again, fewer headaches, less downtime.

Titan Elite 2000 Price

For pricing and available, contact your local Titan dealer.

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