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Master Launches Proheat Heat Gun with LCD

The new Master Appliance Proheat LCD Programmable Heat Gun Kit (PH-1500K) is a professional’s dream come true. If you’ve got to use a heat gun regularly, this just may be the tool you’re looking for. The PH-1500 has six preset & customizable program settings with digital display of temperature and air flow settings. Having a fully programmable heat and air flow removes the guess work out of the heating job. Now you can dial in exactly what you need, when you need it. The tool features adjustable temperature in 10 degree increments from 130 to 1000 degrees F in your choice of degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. The air flow is even adjustable from 4 to 16 CFM (113 – 453 l/min.)


The Proheat LCD Heat Gun uses an electronic closed loop temperature control system that maintains constant temperature when varying air flow or using specialty attachments. In terms of design, the heat gun looks comfortable enough, though Master Appliance didn’t go to too much trouble to provide any rubber overmold or other comfort grip on the handle. It will be up to the pros to report back any issues with comfortability after extended periods of use.

A Temperature & Air Flow Lock-In feature provides added management control and is perfect for production applications requiring consistent and longer duration application of heat. A power-interrupt Reset is present for added safety, and prevents the heat gun, which draws some serious wattage, from causing damage if left in the “Hot” position during a power failure, when the power eventually returns.

Available Models

  • PH-1500 Heat Gun, 120V/60 Hz, 11A
  • PH-1500K Heat Gun Kit, 120V/60 Hz, 11A
  • PH-2500 Heat Gun, 230V/50/60 Hz, 6.2A
  • PH-2500K Heat Gun Kit, 230V/50/60 Hz, 6.2A

Available Accessories

  • 35016    Spreader attachment, 3″ – spread air over large area
  • 35017    Heat shrink attachment, 1-1/3″ – shrink tubing
  • 35292    Specialty connector attachment, 1/2″ – terminate tubing and specialty connectors
  • 35293    Reducer attachment, 9/16″ – direct hot air source for desoldering and welding PVC
  • 35294    Pinpoint reducer attachment, 5/16″ – pinpoint hot air source for desoldering and welding PVC
  • 35026    Nozzle shield – prevent nozzle contact
  • 35216    Bench stand – position heat gun for various applications
  • 35309    Attachment kit – includes 36017, 35016, 35292, 35293, 35294
  • 35351    Storage/carrying case, 16.25″ L x 3.0″ W x 11.5″ H


The Proheat gun can be used to heat or dry temperature sensitive materials such as shrink tubing, shrink packaging and specialty connectors, solder and desolder, bend plastics, activate adhesives, remove decals, defrost frozen pipes and more. To accommodate international needs, multiple electrical plug options are available and various tip attachments (5 included) and a bench stand are also available.

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