September 26, 2021

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Steinel Precision Heat Gun Review | HG 350 ESD

Steinel Precision Heat Gun Features Quick Heating for Targeted Connections Between working in the communications industry, flying racing drones for fun, and the plethora of electronics our family has, there’s always a need for a heat gun. I got my hands on a Steinel precision heat gun to see how well this German brand compares […]

Best Cordless Heat Gun Buying Guide


Choosing The Best Cordless Heat Gun Depends on What Job You Want it to do We’re seeing more cordless heat guns hit the market. But what should expect from them if you’re making the switch from corded? The best cordless heat gun you can get your hands on has a lot to do with the […]

Review9.0(out of 10)

Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun 2688-21 Review

Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun Needs No Cords, No Butane There are a lot of uses for heat guns and in my line of work, we use them primarily for heat shrink connectors in our communications systems. The idea of a no cord, no butane system is appealing, so we put the Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun […]

Review8.0(out of 10)
Ridgid Cordless Butane Heat Gun kickstand

Ridgid 18V Cordless Butane Heat Gun

Pros from nearly every trade can find a use for the Ridgid 18V Butane Heat Gun and its adjustable 1100°F max on-demand heat. I regularly use a corded heat gun with dual temperature modes. My unfamiliarity with—and skepticism about—using and re-filling a butane tool burned off pretty quickly. Let me show you how this tool […]

Makita Variable Temperature Heat Gun HG6031VK

Makita Variable Temperature Heat Gun HG6031VK

The new Makita Variable Temperature Heat Gun is making its way to retailers with a wide range of temperature settings and two air flow speeds. The big deal with the Makita Variable Temperature Heat Gun is its temperature range and multiple airflow settings. Using the variable speed dial on the back of the tool, you […]

MIlwaukee M18 Heat Gun

Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun Coming in October

For those of you happen to be in the market for a new heat gun, Milwaukee Tool has some good news for you.  Recently announced, and available in October, the Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun will be the first cordless 18V heat gun solution on the market. Milwaukee claims that not only will their cordless heat gun […]

Titan Pro V55 Heavy Duty Heat Gun

Titan Pro V55 Heavy Duty Heat Gun Kit

Many painters have a love/hate relationship with their heat guns. On one hand, they’re an effective way to soften paint for scraping when the old stuff needs to be contained. On the other hand, the work is slow and you’re constantly near a heat source – that’s not anyone’s favorite way to spend the summer. […]

Review7.8(out of 10)
SpeedStripper 400 Featured

SpeedStripper 400 IR Heater Review

Okay, I get it. We all know the first thing that popped into your mind when you saw the name SpeedStripper 400… No, it’s not actually a NASCAR race. Wait, that is what you were thinking, right? The SpeedStripper 400 IR heater and paint stripper is actually a heat gun replacement. I spent some time working […]

Master Launches Proheat Heat Gun with LCD

Master Launches Proheat Heat Gun with LCD

The new Master Appliance Proheat LCD Programmable Heat Gun Kit (PH-1500K) is a professional’s dream come true. If you’ve got to use a heat gun regularly, this just may be the tool you’re looking for. The PH-1500 has six preset & customizable program settings with digital display of temperature and air flow settings. Having a […]

Porter-Cable PC1500HG heat gun

Porter-Cable Heat Gun PC1500HG

Heat guns aren’t exactly the most exciting tool, but Porter-Cable is doing its level best to make sure their heat guns are at least capable and fully equipped to tackle even the most difficult jobs. The Porter-Cable Heat Gun PC1500HG has a dual fan speed selector that delivers high and low fan speed settings, so […]