Steinel Precision Heat Gun Review HG 350 ESD

Steinel Precision Heat Gun Features Quick Heating for Targeted Connections

Between working in the communications industry, flying racing drones for fun, and the plethora of electronics our family has, there’s always a need for a heat gun. I got my hands on a Steinel precision heat gun to see how well this German brand compares to what we normally use.


  • Quick heating
  • Lightweight
  • Hands-free kickstand
  • 1/4″ reducer included
  • Designed with lower temperatures and CFM for targeted precision work


  • I had to bend the kickstand tighter to get a better fit

What Do You Mean By “Precision” Heat Gun?

There are a couple of main differences between standard heat guns and a precision heat gun like the Steinel HG 350 ESD. First, the maximum temperature is lower. Second, it has a lower airflow. It can also have a more concentrated main nozzle and it includes a reducer nozzle.

The goal is to get very focused, controllable heat in a smaller area. Finishing a connection for a drone battery is a much different task than loosening and scraping paint off of a house.

How Hot Does the Steinel Precision Heat Gun Get?

This heat gun reaches temperatures of 750º F with its main nozzle and 930º F with its 1/4″ reducer. That’s quite a bit lower than the 1300º F temps some heat guns reach for other applications and it’s right in line with what we’re seeing from cordless models.

The Steinel precision heat gun has 2 modes, similar to other heat guns on the market. Mode 2 is where you get your highest temperatures and mode 1 is just airflow with no heat in case you need to help something cool down or just bring the nozzle temp down quicker.

Speaking of airflow, heat isn’t everything. Steinel pushes a relatively modest 3.5 CFM through this model. That’s not a ton compared to some of the big boys, but it’s perfect for precision work. When I’m putting a heat shrink on a small-gauge wire to fix my kids’ car DVD player, I don’t want 930º F heat blowing into every crevice of the device.

While I primarily use a heat gun for heat shrinking, this model gets hot enough to solder with as well. It’s ESD-friendly (electrostatic discharge), so you can use it around electronics that are sensitive to ESD.

Can I Use it Hands-Free?

The Steinel precision heat gun includes a kickstand that attaches to the back. Once you install it, you can stand it nozzle side up and work hands-free. It’s an important feature to have and it’s also the only area that needs a little help.

The kickstand is made from wire form steel and comes just a little too loose for comfort. I was able to bend it in tighter for a more secure fit. Even before I did that, the kickstand was still functional. I was just concerned that it might come off and get lost between jobs.

Anything Else I Should Know?


On the top of the heat gun, a hangar pivots into the housing. It’s completely out of the way when you’re using it and really helpful when you want to hang it.

LED Light

There aren’t a ton of corded tools that include LED lights, but the Steinel precision heat gun does. When the tool is on, the light is on, helping you see when you’re making connections in darker spots and acting as an active heat indicator.

Safety Rests

Even if you’re not using the kickstand, safety rests molded into the housing help keep the hot nozzle from hitting your work surface.

How Much Does it Cost?

All of the retailers we looked at have the Steinel precision heat gun right around $89.99, give or take a few dollars. That’s a bit of a premium over names like DeWalt and Milwaukee, and there are some cheaper ones out there as well. Cordless models run more, especially if you need to add the cost of a battery and charger.

Take a look at what you get, though. Most of those other heat guns are hard-blowing, higher heat with a reducer to use more as an afterthought for people doing the kind of work I do. Steinel’s design is much more focused on precision work, putting the right tool in your hands.

The Bottom Line

Cordless heat guns are really convenient, but there’s something to be said for the unlimited heating and lighter weight that comes from a corded model. Even though the Steinel precision heat gun has been out for a long time, it’s a nice reminder of how easy the right tool can make your job.

Buy it if you value lighter weight, a more compact design, and nearly unlimited heat more than cordless convenience. Pass if you absolutely have to be free of a cord.

Steinel Precision Heat Gun Specifications

  • Model: Steinel HG 350 ESD
  • Power Source: 120V AC, 2.5A
  • Max Temperature: 750º (930º when using 1/4″ reducer)
  • Airflow: 3.5 CFM
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.75″
  • Cord Length: 6′
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.00″ x 11.50″ x 3.00″ (l x w x h)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: $89.99

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