Glue & Heat Gun Reviews & Buying Guides

Our glue gun and heat gun reviews cover most products for removing paint or laminating applications. In the woodworking industry a high temperature glue gun can really save the day and replaces traditional fasteners in a variety of tasks. Glue guns are also handy for profile-wrapping, product assembly, and other soft-fastening tasks. This section of Pro Tool Reviews also includes UV heat products, which heat differently than traditional heat guns.
Glue and Heat Gun Reviews for Woodworking & Construction
The glue gun is one of the simplest products out there. It has a heater element, a feed channel for the glue sticks, and a handle. Most hot glue guns plug into a standard 120V outlet, but some use butane. A contractor-grade glue gun heats up quickly for adhesive applications. It provides a nearly instantaneous bond for lots of materials. This includes thin woods, veneers, cardboard, plastics, thin leathers, and similar materials.