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Glue & Heat Gun Reviews

Our glue gun and heat gun reviews cover most products for removing paint or laminating applications. In the woodworking industry a high temperature glue gun can really save the day and replaces traditional fasteners in a variety of tasks. Glue guns are also handy for profile-wrapping, product assembly, and other soft-fastening tasks. This section of Pro Tool Reviews also includes UV heat products, which heat differently than traditional heat guns. Glue and Heat Gun Reviews for Woodworking & Construction The glue gun is one of the simplest products out there. It has a heater element, a feed channel for the glue sticks, and a handle. Most hot glue guns plug into a standard 120V outlet, but some use butane. A contractor-grade glue gun heats up quickly for adhesive applications. It provides a nearly instantaneous bond for lots of materials. This includes thin woods, veneers, cardboard, plastics, thin leathers, and similar materials.

Grizzly H0800 1200W Heat Gun

Grizzly H0800 Heat Gun Preview

There’s only so much you can say about a heat gun. Primarily, the concerns are focused on ergonomics and temperature flexibility. The problem with this is that, while you can certainly pay more for a heat gun that offers infinitely flexible temperature controls, you can also just back the thing off or move it closer to adjust your temperature as needed. Technique, in this case, trumps technology.

Dremel 1200-01 Glue Gun

Dremel 1200-01 Glue Gun Kit

For those unfamiliar with the entire Dremel product line-up, you may not think of this company when considering the purchase of a glue gun. Dremel has been consistently positioning itself as a company focused on the hobbyist. How this manifests itself is through a selection of affordable tools that allow many different aspects of some of the more popular hobbies out there. In the case of the glue gun, Dremel is appealing to those working with anything from thick fabrics, to dried flowers, styrofoam, wood and plastic materials.