May 9, 2021

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Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun Coming in October

MIlwaukee M18 Heat Gun
For those of you happen to be in the market for a new heat gun, Milwaukee Tool has some good news for you.  Recently announced, and available in October, the Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun will be the first cordless 18V heat gun solution on the market. Milwaukee claims that not only will their cordless heat gun reach operational temperatures 30% faster than corded heat guns, but also that their compact size makes the Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun more functional on the job site.

From Milwaukee

“Heat guns are frequently used by a wide variety of our core user groups alongside other Milwaukee cordless solutions for many critical installation processes. Current solutions are corded, large, clunky, and not optimized for the places where users need to work which vastly impacts user productivity. The M18 Compact Heat Gun provides a solution with the M18 system promise to improve productivity for professionals in the trades.”

-Brian Alves, Senior Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

Another Addition to the M18 Lineup

MIlwaukee M18 Heat GunIn addition to this unit’s compact size, the Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun boasts a few other advantages. For one, users who already use the M18 line from Milwaukee will find one more tool that works with the M18 battery pack. The battery pack lends a sturdy base to the gun for upright standing. In addition, the battery has enough power to deliver more than 40 heat shrink connections on a charge.

This heat gun features a high-performance heating coil that can reach temperatures up to 875°F. It includes a guarded nozzle to increase the protection for work surfaces. Milwaukee also includes a handy ladder hook with the M18 Heat Gun.

MIlwaukee M18 Heat Gun

Final Thoughts

With its cordless convenience and compact size, the Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun looks like a handy product for electricians and plumbers. There’s probably not enough runtime for painters to use it as more than a supplementary tool when removing paint, though. It measures in at a little over half the length of Milwaukee corded heat guns, which means it ought to be more functional in tighter spaces. At $239 for the kit, the price isn’t too debilitating, but there’s clearly a premium for going cordless.

The only thing missing on this model might be the ability to dial in temperature variations. Most of the corded options include variable temperatures ranges, and it would be nice to have it here too. And while the 875°F top end of the M18 Heat Gun doesn’t seem particularly underwhelming for a cordless gun, the top end might limit the usefulness of this heat gun in a few applications. Still, anyone already on the Milwaukee M18 platform ought to be pretty jazzed about this product for the usefulness that it does offer, and those who aren’t on the platform yet might find a good reason to try it out.

Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun Features

  • Industry’s first 18V heat gun of its kind
  • Reaches operational temp 30% faster than corded
  • Most compact electric heat gun
  • Ability to stand up & guarded nozzleMIlwaukee M18 Heat Gun
  • One charge, 40+ connections
  • Available: October 2017
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Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun Specs

  • Model Number: 2688-21
  • Temperature: 875°F
  • Guarded Nozzle: Yes
  • Ladder Hook: Yes
  • LED Light: Yes
  • Length: 6.4”
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Kit Includes: M18 Compact Heat Gun, (1) M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack, M18/M12 Multi Voltage Charger, 3/8” Concentrator Nozzle, Hook Nozzle and Carrying Case.
  • Available as Kit ($298.37), or as Bare Tool ($119.70)MIlwaukee M18 Heat Gun

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Chris Fyfe

I think I’ll add one to my kit ! By the time the hit Canuckastan , will be more like Dec. I also want the new M12 impact , and combihammer . Chopping of some length , and improved RPM’s are more than worth . What are the SKU numbers , on these three ?

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