Ridgid 18V Cordless Heat Gun R860435B

Ridgid 18V Cordless Heat Gun

Ridgid Brings The Heat With 18V Cordless Heat Gun

The Ridgid 18V Cordless Heat Gun (R860435B) isn’t the first cordless model for the 18V platform. Compact in size, it has some notable differences when compared to Ridgid’s previous model. How does it fare against the old model and the competition in terms of power and performance?

Ridgid 18V Cordless Heat Gun | The Big Deal

Ridgid 18V Cordless Heat Gun

The Ridgid 18V Cordless Heat Gun has some noteworthy differences from its predecessor. For starters, the new model does not run on butane. A common problem with the old model was the inability to properly load the heat gun with butane. Then there’s the simple fact that you needed both battery power and a fuel source. Ridgid’s new heat gun is powered only by an 18V battery, which eliminates the need to mess with any other power or fuel sources.

Another deviation between the two models is that the new heat gun’s maximum temperature is actually lower at 900°F. For comparison, the last model, which we reviewed, had a maximum temperature of 1,100°F. Even so, that’s in line with other cordless heat guns.

The Ridgid R860435B heat gun claims to achieve its highest temperature in just ten seconds. It also has a continuous runtime of over 20 minutes when paired with an R840060 18V 6.0 Ah Max Output battery.

Additional Highlights

  • Interchangeable nozzle head, with concentrator and deflector included
  • Lock-on switch for hands-free use
  • Flat-back tool design
  • LED light
  • Works with all Ridgid 18V batteries

Ridgid 18V Cordless Heat Gun Price and Availability

The Ridgid R860435B is set to retail for $119 when it launches in late May 2022. This price is for the bare tool only, with the battery and charger sold separately. This product includes Ridgid’s lifetime service agreement.


  • Model: Ridgid R860435B
  • Power Source: Ridgid 18V battery
  • Height: 7.64 in
  • Width: 3 in
  • Depth: 6.24 in
  • Weight: 1.39 lbs
  • Air volume: 6 cubic ft/min
  • Battery size: 18V
  • Battery power type: Lithium-Ion
  • BTU heat rating: 1100 BTU
  • Motor type: Brushed

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