Milwaukee Ax with Carbide Teeth Challenge

Milwaukee Ax with Carbide Teeth

The Milwaukee Ax with Carbide Teeth is now available at retail stores across the country. There’s been a lot of hype as Milwaukee has moved their nail embedded wood cutting Sawzall blade to include a carbide blend. This is a significant transition, allowing the Milwaukee Ax to cut through material it previously couldn’t and extend the lifespan well beyond what any bimetal blade is capable of.

Milwaukee Ax Carbide Video

We’ve done some initial testing and will be sharing our findings with you soon. Until then, consider what Milwaukee has already experimented with on their end.

Product managers did internal testing and found that the Milwaukee Ax with Carbide Teeth was able to make more than 1500 cuts in nail embedded wood. That’s impressive, but they didn’t stop there. Milwaukee took the new Ax blade and put it up against some materials that you normally wouldn’t want to cut with a wood blade. Here are a few examples of how they tortured their new Sawzall blade:

  • 300 cuts and hardened fasteners
  • 200 cuts in roofing material
  • 35 cuts and one half inch rebar
  • 25 cuts into inch schedule 40 black pipe
  • 20 cuts and one half inch stainless steel

Let’s face it, most companies would discourage us from using their tools and accessories in applications it wasn’t designed for. But Milwaukee has decided to challenge us to see what we might be able to cut. Here are Pro Tool Reviews, we’re all for this kind of challenge. Rather than us deciding what material to try and cut through, we’d like to know what you think. What should we cut with the Milwaukee Ax with Carbide Teeth?

Let us know by sending off on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We’ll take some of our favorites, let you see what happens on video, and see just how Nothing but Heavy Duty the new Milwaukee Ax with Carbide Teeth really is!

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