Milwaukee Hole Saw Slot Form Update for Hole Dozer

Milwaukee Hole Dozer Hole Saw Update

Milwaukee Updates Hole Dozer Hole Saws with New All-Access Slot Form

The latest news from Brookfield, Wisconsin is that we’re getting a new Milwaukee hole saw slot form. As an update to their Plug Jack design, the new versions will have much greater access with multiple full- and half-circle holes to work the plug out.

Additionally, the new design improves your ability to see the pilot bit, giving you a more accurate start. They also eject chips more efficiently, keep the temperature down, and increase cutting speed.

Overall, this new Milwaukee hole saw design promises to increase your productivity while cutting and decrease your downtime between cuts.

We’re looking at a rolling change, so the model numbers you’re used to buying aren’t going to change. Expect to see the new design showing up on store shelves in December on all Milwaukee Hole Dozer hole saws.

Prices vary based on size and style. Expect those prices to run $7.67 – $57.07.

What do you think of the new slot design? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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