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Wood Boring Spade Bits Hole Saws Forstner Bits Featured

Wood Boring Drill Bits: Spade Bits, Hole Saws, and Self Feed

We all know that drill bits have their limits when it comes to the size hole you can drill. But what happens when you need to do some larger wood boring? As a teenager, I decided that I would replace the soft, rotted plywood back deck of our old bass boat. Being relatively ignorant in […]

Best RPM for Hole Saws when Cutting Any Material

Best RPM for Hole Saws when Cutting Any Material

You may think using a hole saw is simply a matter of chucking it up and drilling. While that may work in many cases, setting the best hole saw cutting speed with your drill—even if you only get close, will save you from burning out the blade and possibly even ruining the material. We thought […]

Top 5 Cordless Drill Accessories

Top 5 Cordless Drill Accessories Every Pro Must Own

So you’re about to show up on the jobsite for your very first day of work. Maybe you’re young and the construction industry is completely new to you or maybe you’re coming in from a different trade. Suddenly it hits you—I don’t want to look like a total newbie on my first day! So what […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Review

Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Review

Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Will Change the Way You Look at Hole Saws When I first saw the Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore hole saw, I was cautiously optimistic. Its wide core access looked promising, but I wasn’t sold after watching a video. I wanted to get them in my hands and see for myself if […]

Lenox Carbide Hole Saw

LENOX SPEED SLOT Carbide Tipped Hole Saws Review

Long-Lasting Hole Saw Features High-Performance Carbide Tips LENOX SPEED SLOT Carbide Hole Saws easily cut through a variety of common jobsite materials. With the addition of carbide teeth, this hole saw should last up to 50x longer than LENOX Bi-Metal hole saws. We tested them in our shop to see how well they held up […]

Milwaukee Hole Dozer Hole Saw Update

Milwaukee Hole Saw Slot Form Update for Hole Dozer

Milwaukee Updates Hole Dozer Hole Saws with New All-Access Slot Form The latest news from Brookfield, Wisconsin is that we’re getting a new Milwaukee hole saw slot form. As an update to their Plug Jack design, the new versions will have much greater access with multiple full- and half-circle holes to work the plug out. […]

Lenox Lazer CT recip saw blade cast iron

New Lenox Carbide Blades, Step Drill Bits, and Hole Saws

This week we attended a media event near Baltimore, Maryland courtesy of Lenox to check out some of their cutting and drilling products up close. Three new products, in particular, filled the docket. These included Lenox Lazer CT & Demo CT carbide-tipped reciprocating saw blades, Speed Slot carbide-tipped hole saws, and new Lenox Vari-Bit step […]

Milwaukee Hole Dozer with Carbide Teeth

Milwaukee Hole Dozer with Carbide Teeth

The Milwaukee Hole Dozer with Carbide Teeth is next up on our look at Milwaukee’s carbide expansion. The Hole Dozer name isn’t new to Milwaukee and this expands on the bi-metal line that’s been around for several years. Carbide isn’t new to hole saws, either. Several brands have wood-cutting hole saws with 3 or 4 […]

Best RPM for Hole Saws when Cutting Any Material

Milwaukee Big Hawg Carbide Hole Saw

Milwaukee isn’t new to the hole saw game, so it’s not a big surprise to see them working on innovation in the space. As they push deeper into carbide accessories, it makes sense to see a carbide-tipped hole saw. Enter stage left the Milwaukee Big Hawg Carbide Hole Saw. Here’s a quick look at what […]

Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2017

Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2017

The 2017 edition of the Milwaukee New Product Symposium didn’t feature a massive overarching new technology like One-Key or Fuel have in the past. Each of the core trades did come away as big winners though and everyone will love the newest portable storage solution – Milwaukee PackOut. So whether you were able to follow […]