October 26, 2021

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Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Review

Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Review
PTR Review
  • Pro Rating 9.4

With how much time and frustration Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore hole saws save us, we highly recommend you try them out for yourself!

Overall Score 9.4 (out of 10)

Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Will Change the Way You Look at Hole Saws

When I first saw the Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore hole saw, I was cautiously optimistic. Its wide core access looked promising, but I wasn’t sold after watching a video. I wanted to get them in my hands and see for myself if the system would be strong enough to hold up to daily professional use.


  • Best overall hole saw design we’ve seen
  • Incredibly fast arbor mounting/dismounting
  • Simple, fast core ejection
  • Good cutting speed compared to other bi-metal hole saws


  • No carbide hole saw options

Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Design and Performance

Having used this system almost exclusively for a while, I’m impressed with the overall design. However, I have a suggestion to improve Disston’s market share.

Disston QuickCore Hole Saw

Let’s start with the general design. Like many bi-metal general purpose hole saws, these have a lot of teeth around the outside. That’s opposed to the fast-cutting carbide wood hole saws that often have just two or three oversize teeth.

Using M42 bi-metal construction and a 10º positive angle, they’re rated to cut wood, metal, plastic, and stainless steel

Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Teeth

Large diamonds are cut into the side and allow for chip/dust ejection and cooling along with side access to the core if you need it.

The base of the Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore hole is where the biggest differences are. Compared to other brands, the base is wide open. For sizes starting around an inch, it’s easy to use your thumb to push the core out directly from the center. For the smaller sizes, we used the pilot bit.

Make no mistake, ejecting the core this way is much easier and faster than any other hole saw we’ve used.

Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw

After making several holes, the hole saw is going to heat up. Since the ejection is a hands-on process, you might want a pair of gloves.

Disston QuickCore Arbor

The arbor connection was my area of biggest concern from the outset. Most hole saws use a threaded and pinned system to secure the saw to the arbor.

The BLU-MOL QuickCore has three spring-loaded pins that enter the saw from the side rather than up through the base. To release the pins, you pull down on the red collet. Just like the core ejection, it’s much faster to remove or install a hole saw than any other design we’ve used.

Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Arbor Connection

The entire system is made of metal and seems very durable. With how solidly the pins snap into position on each hole saw, we have had zero issues with slipping. Considering what we’ve experienced, my initial concern has been replaced with confidence.

Room for Improvement?

So far, I’ve offered a lot of praise for the design. However, I promised that I had some suggestions earlier. What I’d love to see is an expansion of their current lineup.

For bi-metal hole saws, these cut well. An expansion into carbide for wood and metal would take the line to the next level. You’d end up with the ultimate hole saw system that cuts efficiently, lasts longer, changes faster, and deal with cores better than anything else on the market.

Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Price

The 13-piece set we reviewed includes nine hole saws (3/4-inch to 2 1/2-inch), an arbor, two pilot bits, a hex key, and a blow-molded case. You can pick it up for $99.97 on Amazon.

The entire line ranges from 3/4-inch to 6-inch sizes and replacement arbors/pilot bits are available as well. Individual saws run roughly $5 to $35. Check them out at Disston’s Amazon store. There are a handful of other retailers around the country that carry them as well.

The pricing is pretty competitive when you compare it to other premium bi-metal hole saws.

The Bottom Line

We’re highly impressed with the Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore hole saw concept. Its innovative design has proven to be both fast and secure. With how much time and frustration it saves us, we highly recommend you try them out for yourself!

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The Base looks like it would be easier to eject the Core.

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