Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2017 Tool Storage Reviews

Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2017

The 2017 edition of the Milwaukee New Product Symposium didn’t feature a massive overarching new technology like One-Key or Fuel have in the past. Each of the core trades did come away as big winners though and everyone will love the newest portable storage solution – Milwaukee PackOut. So whether you were able to follow Pro Tool Reviews live throughout the day or you’re just getting caught up, here’s the best of what the Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2017 had to offer.

Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2017 Highlights

Getting ready to kickoff #NPS17 with Milwaukee Tool North America – be on the lookout for updates in Shockwave, M18,…

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

No matter what social media platform you prefer, simply type “NPS17” in the search bar to check out everyone’s coverage from the day!

A quick "logo preview" of some of the things we'll be seeing and covering today at Milwaukee Tool North America #NPS17

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Even before we got in, we saw some new names and logos. It’s always fun to take a guess at what’s behind the curtains!

Milwaukee PackOut

The Milwaukee Tool North America PackOut storage system is more than a little impressive. Durable. Smart. Modular. #NPS17

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Easily the biggest story of the Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2017 – since it covers nearly every tradesman – is the Milwaukee PackOut modular storage system. Interlocking storage units are nothing new. Neither are multiple sizes for that matter. But what makes PackOut different is the multiple widths and open top tool bags along with solid durability.

Will we see a premium music system that locks in?

A couple, I hope! Regardless, Milwaukee tells us that this system is in its infancy, so expect big things to come in the next few years as it expands.

OSHA Ready Dust Extraction

Check out the new Milwaukee Tool North America 8-gallon dust extractor and grinder shrouds in action! #NPS2017

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

As you can imagine, dust control solutions are a big focus with the September 23rd deadline looming. Not sure what that’s all about? Check out our article on OSHA’s upcoming silica dust regulation enforcement. An 8-hour day’s exposure will be less than a grain of sand.

Milwaukee is ready for OSHA with a new dust extractor, dust shrouds, and vacuum bits to keep your jobsite in compliance.

Concrete Leveling

Screed and then grab the level?

Nah, the newest Milwaukee RedStick Level lets you take care of both with one tool and it cleans up easy – even a day or two later.

Mixing Goes Cordless

Milwaukee brings their M18 Fuel technology to bear down on mixing duties with a very welcome addition to the brushless line.



One-Key Comes to Mechanics

This is Milwaukee Tool North America demonstrating the power of its newest M18 impact torque wrenches. #NPS17

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Milwaukee One-Key is coming to a new and very powerful high torque M18 Fuel impact wrench. This model boasts 1400 ft-lbs of nut busting torque that – on paper – is the strongest we’ve seen in the cordless realm to date.

Getting repeatable torque results is now possible with the new Milwaukee Tool North America M18 One-Key High Torque impact wrenches which have a "blow counting" sensor that can measure impacts for better torque control.

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

One of the focuses of adding One-Key to the impact wrench is to get more repeatable results when you’re looking for a specific amount of tightening force. It’s not perfect, but it gets you a lot closer than some of the other models out there. You’ll have to jump WAY up in price point to get into your precision impact wrenches.


Cordless Miter Saw For the Trim Carpenter

Awesome-new Milwaukee Tool 7-1/4” Dual-Bevel FUEL sliding miter #saw weighs 28 lbs. Over 600 cross cuts on a M18 5.0Ah pack. #NPS17 #tools

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Last year, we heard whispers of the M18 Fuel 10-Inch Miter Saw before the official announcement. This year, Milwaukee goes smaller with a 7-1/4-Inch model squarely focusing on trim carpenters. At just 28 pounds, it’s about as portable as you can hope to get in a full featured, dual bevel miter saw.

The new miter saw stand looks pretty basic but has an optional shoulder strap and table top that give it an edge over similar models.

Getting Personal in Lighting

New Milwaukee Tool North America personal lighting products with TrueView LEDs.

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Milwaukee is getting a little personal when it comes to their lighting division. A couple new handheld flashlights and a new headlamp (hallelujah!) are in the mix. There are a couple of standard low-power options while the higher power lights are rechargeable. And of course, they’re are dialed into the TrueView LED system.

HackZall Gets Fueled Up

After four years, Milwaukee Tool North America finally updated its M18 HackZall to FUEL! Faster cuts and less vibration. #NPS17

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

In a move that’s very welcome, the HackZall gets its brushless motor and a shiny new M18 Fuel designation. With only a handful of one-handed reciprocating saws like this, Milwaukee owns most of them and they’re dead useful for plumbers and HVAC Pros to name a couple.

More Carbide is Coming

The new Milwaukee Tool North America Big Hawg with Carbide Teeth cuts fast and can apparently handle hundreds of nails. #NPS17

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Whether you’re cutting with a Sawzall blade or hole saw, more carbide is on the way! The Ax with Carbide has been out for a few months and the Torch is joining the party for metal cutting as well. Hole Dozers are getting the upgrade and a new Big Hawg wood cutting carbide hole saw is making its way in, too. Plumbers, electricians, and general contractors will get a lot more life out of their blades with a focus on using more carbide in each tooth than the competition.

Here’s the new Carbide Torch head to head against the Diamond Torch in cast iron pipe!

It seems all that’s left are circular blades. Any chance we’ll see them in the near future?


Pressing Matters

Milwaukee’s Short Throw Press Tool makes its presence known in compact installations with cordless convenience.

Ratcheting Pipe Cutter

Milwaukee doesn’t only do cordless tools and their new Ratcheting Pipe Cutter lasts up to 4000 cuts before the blade calls it a day.

Cutting to the Chase

Milwaukee dove a little deeper into the EDC knife category last year with their Hardline D2 steel folders. This year, the focus is on fixed blade knives with a couple of different sizes and one with a skinning blade design.

Hand Me that Screwdriver

There are new screwdrivers with comfort grips and wrench assist shafts. Check out the backs – not only are they marked, the grip is also molded to help you identify by feel!

Empire Level Advancements

Empire Level announced the em95.10 12” magnetic torpedo level with UltraView dual-LED vial, impact-resistant electronics #NPS17

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Empire Level is a Milwaukee Tool company. They showed off some of their latest advancements as well, including LED enhanced torpedo levels at the Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2017.

Hanging Out with Friends

Being from Central Florida, we’re used to driving golf carts. Apparently, it’s a bit more of a novelty for our Canadian friends, @Toolaholic and @KrugerConstruction. Check out what they’re up to by following them on Instagram.

When the Sun Goes Down…

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Maybe y’all didn’t know, but Editor-in-Chief, Clint DeBoer is a pretty legit singer. We’ll give him a break for the faux pa since he had about 60 seconds warning before coming on stage. Like the band?

They’re almost all Milwaukee Tool employees and their spouses!

At The Milwaukee Tool North America media event after party and the fiddle player just used an M12 HackZall as his bow! #NPS17

Posted by Pro Tool Reviews on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

As if the band isn’t good enough, check out the fiddle player going to town using a Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hackzall at the Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2017 after party!

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