Milwaukee One-Key Integrated Tool Security Upgrade

Milwaukee One-Key Integrated Tool Security

Today Milwaukee launched the Milwaukee One-Key Integrated Tool Security Upgrade with a big addition: Integrated Tool Security. Paired with tracking, Integrated Tool Security provides even stronger theft protection.

Integrated Tool Security allows users to protect their tools with features such as tool lock-out; hide their tools from a nearby device’s screen so only they can see that their tool is in range; and render a tool useless if its lost or stolen by sending a remote command to the tool to shut itself off the next time it comes within range of any open One-Key app. Because One-Key is digitally based, users that already have One-Key enabled tools will receive this upgrade instantly just by downloading the newest version of the app!

Our Take

Milwaukee One-Key Integrated Tool Security Upgrade

First of all, upgrades like the Milwaukee One-Key Integrated Tool Security Upgrade are exactly why we’re excited about smart tools – just because it’s not perfect from the onset doesn’t mean it can’t get better!

Locking out the trigger is a good way to simply prevent unwanted use in a situation where you’re not as worried about the tool walking off. Disabling the ability to see your tools and locking out the keypad is a good way to keep other users from accidentally or purposefully adjusting your custom settings. Ever have a “friend” hijack your Bluetooth speaker and change the music from country to rap? It’s an annoying risk of Bluetooth communication.

Having to stick with Bluetooth technology for communication (blame battery efficiency and cost for that) is a limiting factor. However, being able to communicate through any user’s app to lock out a tool is a huge step forward. The concept of multi-user communication is something we discussed at Milwaukee’s New Product Symposium back in July and we’re excited to see this running in the background.

There may be a small percentage of people who would rather not be letting their app look for tools to lock out on behalf of their owners, but it’s really a brilliant way to extend the range of an app-based Bluetooth system.

Not only will another user’s app complete the disabling command to the tool, it will also let the owner know the last location any One-Key app detected the tool – whether it’s a jobsite, pawn shop, or friend’s garage. Just by having your One-Key app running, you’re helping recover stolen and misplaced tools and other users are helping recover yours – that’s worth the premium to upgrade to One-Key tools!

Milwaukee One-Key Integrated Tool Security Features

  • Lock out trigger
  • Lock out footpad
  • Hide tools from nearby devices
  • Disable lost or stolen tools

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