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MK Morse NXT Metal Cutting Saw Blades Preview

M. K. Morse just introduced their Metal Devil NXT metal cutting circular saw blades. The new Metal Devil New Xtreme Technology blades take the highly popular Metal Devil blades to the next step in metal cutting in both design and materials use. The new offering will include 10 new steel cutting blades from 5-3/8″ (137mm) to 14″ (356mm).


The newest cutting blade technology developed by Morse’s R&D team provides significant advancements in the use of carbide grades, carbide tooth geometries and plate design. In the NXT saw blades, rake angles and tooth geometries have been fully optimized, and differ for each diameter of blade. The results are smooth, fast cuts, less vibration and longer blade life. The new technology also minimizes stress in the carbide tips and produces a blade that keeps its sharpness longer, not to mention its teeth – something that is very important in metal cutting.

The blades are available in a variety of sizes:

TPIDiameterArborPart #
Model #
RPM (max)
 407″ 20mm101363CSM740NSC5800
 407-1/4″ 5/8″ KO101349CSM72540NSC5800
 487-1/4″5/8″ KO101356CSM72548NSC5800
 488-1/4″5/8″ KO101370CSM82548NSC5800


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