New Milwaukee 6470-21 10-1/4" Circular Saw News & Opinion

Milwaukee 6470-21 Circular Saw

The new Milwaukee 6470-21 Circular Saw is a 10-1/4″ model that is not only lighter and easier to use than prior circular saws, it also maintains industry leading power and performance without an increase in price. The new 10-1/4″ Circular Saw is 1-1/2 pounds lighter than the existing model and has a large bale handle with cushion grip that was designed to increase comfort and provide better control when using the saw. With a higher bevel capacity of 60 degrees, the 6470-21 is now able to make extreme bevel cuts for roof rafters or trusses. Additionally, the saw maintains its depth of cut capacity for cutting 4″ material on a single pass.


“Milwaukee has dominated the 10-1/4″ Circular Saw market for many years and we will continue to perfect this category, ” says Scott Teson, Sr. Product Manager-Saws of Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. “No matter how far ahead you may be, it is important to continue to innovate and improve existing tools to meet the needs of the user.”

Editor’s Note: Check out the Skil Sasquatch 10″ Circular Saw for a comparable model.

The Milwaukee 6470-21 saw, with its 10-1/4″ blade, defines tough. As a circular saw, it really delivers on the heritage of long-term reliability and performance that helps make Milwaukee set the standard in the 10-1/4″ circular saw category. This best-in-class durability is backed by a Milwaukee Heavy-Duty 5-year warranty


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