Ohio Power Tool Makes Ohio's Business Fast 50 List News & Opinion

Ohio Power Tool Makes Ohio’s Business Fast 50 List

Ohio Power Tool Business Fast 50: I like good news, and I like our friends over at Ohio Power Tool. So when we saw that they had been named to the 2010 Business First Fast 50 list, we were pretty pleased. For the third year in a row, Ohio Power Tool is being honored as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Central Ohio. In a nutshell, they’ve had 6 years of uninterrupted growth – which is pretty good for a a family business that’s 27 years old. Even 2009, which beat just about everybody up, Ohio Power Tool managed to produce modest growth while working internally to build-up its buying power with manufacturers, their commitment to customers and its own internal staff – all while other companies were cutting back. The most significant thing is that they worked hard to hold on to their employees – refreshing news in a time when most people are talking about lay-offs.


Let’s hope the growth continues throughout the entire construction trade industries and recovery is around the corner… say, around November or the turn of the year.

Source: CopTool

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