OrkinTherm Blow-in Insulation with Pest Control – Genius!

OrkinTherm Blow-in Insulation with Pest Control

Living in Florida, one of the termite capitals of the world, it gets old having to tent your home against dry wood termites every five years (the “normal” practice down here for those living in ~100 year old houses). It would be far nicer if there were a greater number of building products which took into effect the fact that homeowners are constantly battling cockroaches, termites and ants on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Some companies, like Orkin and GreenFiber, seem to get it and the OrkinTherm Blow-in Insulation with Pest Control system looks very promising.

OrkinTherm Blow-in Insulation with Pest Control Features

GreenFiber is a cellulose insulation manufacturer who has partnered with “the Orkin man” to offer a revolutionary pest control solution to homeowners’ insect troubles called OrkinTherm Blow-in Insulation with Pest Control. The new products is now available for the first time in retail stores – starting exclusively at select Home Depot stores. Unfortunately, it looks like they are beginning in Texas but our hope is that the product receives popular feedback and sales and spreads to the rest of the country.

It has perplexed me for years why companies haven’t figured out that adding pesticides to drywall, insulation and even flooring materials is a no-brainer solution – and one that they can easily charge a 10% (or more) mark-up for. With OrkinTherm Blow-in Insulation with Pest Control, homeowners can install the product over existing insulation, so you get both energy efficiency and pest control benefits in one feel swoop. The thing we like is that this works well for existing homes or new construction – both seem to be able to benefit just as easily.

Treated with a long-lasting pest control formula, the environmentally friendly insulation is EPA-registered and helps protect against cockroaches, termites, ants and many others for defense against more than 10 species of intrusive pests. While it’s recommended for use in attics, a common entry point in homes for pests, OrkinTherm also can be used in walls.

GreenFiber insulation is made from 85 percent recycled paper fibers and is certified by Energy Star and Scientific Certification Systems as efficient. The no-itch material is fire-safe and is specially treated to be flame resistant. It is also formulated so that normal moisture or humidity doesn’t affect its performance.

For more information, including product info and videos, check out www.orkintherm.com.

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