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Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews: Your Source for OPE

Here at Pro Tool Reviews, we’ve enjoyed covering the outdoor power equipment industry (OPE). With lithium-ion technology and major power tool manufacturers breaking in, it’s a natural line for us to follow as well. Our coverage of the industry has grown so much, that it makes sense for us to have a dedicated site just for OPE reviews. So it’s with great excitement that we announce the launch of Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews Online Magazine at www.opereviews.com!


At Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews, you’ll find the same objective reviews by the same authors you’re used to, including Clint DeBoer, Tim Johnson, Kenny Koehler, and many others. You’ll also see some new names from Pros in lawn care, landscaping, and property maintenance.


Pro Tool Reviews will still keep an OPE presence on the site since so much of our audience comes to us as a trusted source of news and reviews. However, it’s at Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews that you’ll get the meatiest content and complete picture of the OPE industry.

Why Launch Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews On Its Own?

Pro Tool Reviews is one of the top sources of reviews and news for Professionals in the construction industry and that’s where we want to keep our focus. Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews allows us to branch out into a huge industry that PTR covers, but not as well as we can with a dedicated site. You’ll see reviews like the Altoz TRX and shootouts of commercial-level OPE that Pros currently use. It will allow us to dig much deeper into the heart of lawn care, landscaping, and property maintenance.


In short, Pro Tool Reviews will continue its rapid growth covering the construction industry while OPE Reviews takes the same approach to the outdoor power equipment industry. So whether you’re a Professional in construction or OPE, the bottom line is that you’re going to get even more of the best content to keep you up to date with the latest developments in your industry and to help make purchasing decisions.

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I don’t think its a great idea to split this up, I liked it all on one website