Panasonic Whispergreen Vent Fans 3rd Generation

Panasonic Intros 3rd Generation Whispergreen Vent Fans

I found this interesting, maybe because so far almost all of the “quiet” fans I’ve installed turned out to be a lot louder than they seemed on the show floor. In any rate, at the 2011 International Builders’ Show (IBS), Panasonic Home & Environment Company showcased its third generation of the Panasonic WhisperGreen Vent Fans line. These premium ventilation fans feature thirteen new models that offer superior performance, quieter operation (we’ll see), and enhanced energy efficiency, the new generation of ceiling mounted fans designed for both 4″ or 6″ ducts, are designed to improve indoor air quality in homes and light commercial applications.

Panasonic Whispergreen Vent Fans 3rd Generation

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Energy Star, LEED for Homes, and the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) have all set the industry standard for performance measurement at .25″ w.g. for airflow. The third generation Panasonic WhisperGreen vent fans not only maintain their industry-leading performance but address sone levels at 0.25″ w.g. of increased static pressure as well (this is good as it gives a more accurate sound rating).

WhisperGreen-Lite models feature a contemporary flush mount grille that incorporate a 32-Watt Energy Star rated CFL light fixture and a 4-Watt night light. The 130 CFM FV-13VKL3, FV-13VKML3, FV-13VSL3 are a brand new addition to the WhisperGreen-Lite line, making it possible to include a WhisperGreen fan with a light/nightlight option in a larger bathroom with 6″ ducts.

All Panasonic WhisperGreen vent fans include a brushless DC motor that expends half the energy of an AC motor, allowing fans to be up to 871% more energy efficient than Energy Star standards. Powered by SmartFlow Optimum CFM Technology, all WhisperGreen fans can detect and compensate for additional static pressure by increasing the airflow to achieve the specified CFM output. No matter how complex the duct runs are, or the installation method may be, the fan will always ventilate at the specified CFM. In addition, the six year warranty on the DC motor and three year warranty on parts ensures the fan’s performance.

“The third generation models include all the advanced features that builders and contractors have come to love about WhisperGreen, including SmartFlow Optimum CFM Technology and our super energy efficient DC motor. At Panasonic, we are committed to building and enhancing industry leading products that will make it even easier for contractors and builders to ventilate right and comply with green building standards.”

– Anita So, Marketing Manager, Panasonic Home & Environment Company

Select WhisperGreen and WhisperGreen-Lite models feature built-in variable speed controls that range from 0 – 130 CFM. Low speed controls on the 80 CFM models can be pre-set to 0, 30 – 70 CFM. On the 130 CFM models 0, 50 – 110 CFM. Also built-in is a Delay Timer that can be pre-set up to 60 minutes. When the fan is activated, it boosts up to high speed of either 80 or 130 CFM. After a pre-determined time period, the fan returns to the pre-set low speed operation.

WhisperGreen models FV-08VKM3, FV-08VKML3, FV-13VKM3, FV-13VKML3 feature Panasonic’s SmartAction Motion Sensor, which activates when it senses a person and automatically returns to the pre-set lower speed when the occupant leaves the room. This feature makes it ideal for people with disabilities and assisted living environments such as nursing homes and retirement communities.

All Panasonic WhisperGreen vent fans are Energy Star rated, HVI certified and ideal for complying with ASHRAE Standard 62.2, the ventilation platform adopted by LEED for Homes, Energy Star Indoor Air Quality Program, and California Title 24.

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