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Rockler Pack Rack Tool Apron Preview

When we first saw the Rockler Pack Rack Tool Apron, we thought “man, that’s going to be very heavy to wear around the shop… not to mention as anti-fashionable as you can get!” Those of us who had half a brain, however, quickly pointed out that this is an organizational device intended for use on a cart or even a wall. The tool is specifically targeted towards the professional and DIY (do-it-yourself) woodworker who wants to keep everything handy and within reach in the workshop. The Rockler Pack Rack Tool Apron measures 24″ high and 21″ (at the bottom – it’s trapezoidal) and is made from a rugged denim fabric (which is why, at first blush, you may think it’s meant to be worn). The apron can hang from a wall thanks to built-in steel grommets located on each corner. You can also attach it to Rockler’s Pack Rack Clamp and Tool Storage System for a moving cart solution.


The Rockler Pack Rack Tool Apron has 33 pockets, including 9 larger pockets for tools, parts, and supplies – and around 24 smaller pockets that work perfectly for chisels, squares, screwdrivers, pens and pencils. There’s even a dedicated metal slot for your tape measure, 2 steel loops for your hammer, drill, or mallet, and a small steel loop for hanging rolls of tape.

Rockler Pack Rack Tool Apron

Rockler Pack Rack Tool Apron Specs & Features

  • Easily attaches to the sides of your Pack Rack
  • Hang it from your wall using peg hooks
  • Adds additional storage space for chisels, screwdrivers, dowels, screws, squares, and many other hand tools and shop accessories
  • Nine large 4″ x 5″ pockets for hand tools
  • Eighteen 1/2″ x 5-1/2″ pockets
  • Five 1/2″ x 3″ pockets for pencils, nail punches, etc.
  • One custom combo square pocket
  • Easy-access slot for your tape measure
  • Two steel loops for your hammer, drill, or mallet
  • Small steel loop for hanging rolls of tape
  • Four reinforced steel corner grommets
  • Rugged denim construction
  • Approx. 24″H x 21″W

This looks like a fun organizational device to have around, particularly if your tools tend to stay in one place, but you need them to be where you are. At around $30, the Rockler Pack Rack Tool Apron is a great way to keep everything organized and tidy – and in our line of work that’s how we like to roll.


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