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Best Tool Belt Reviews 2022

This review started off as a sort of bait and switch. You see, I was asked if I would like to review “a tool belt or two” for Pro Tool Reviews. “Sure, send them over,” I said. Reviewing and choosing the right or best tool belt or tool rig isn’t hard if you’re picking from a few products. After […]

Klein Stand-Up Zipper Bags

Klein Stand-Up Zipper Bags Review

Klein Tools recently released their Tradesman Pro Wide-Open Tool Bag, which included the notable features of having a large, stay-open top and a whole lot of pockets. Space and organization might not be huge concerns with this bag. But, if you find you’d still like some additional storage, Klein has also released some new supplementary solutions. […]

Review9.6(out of 10)

Diamondback Dirigo Bag Review | Made in the USA

Diamondback Dirigo Bag Blends Tool, Tech, and Document Storage Some tools bags are great for combining tool and tech storage, but they don’t give off a particularly professional vibe when you’re meeting with clients or executives. The Diamondback Dirigo Bag has a compelling look that can potentially bridge the gap. We took a deeper dive […]

Review9.4(out of 10)

Diamondback Baere Tote Review | Made in the USA

Diamondback Baere Tote Offers Lightweight Open Top Storage With Versatile Organization Options You have a ton of options when it comes to open-top tool storage. You can target light weight, durability, tons of pockets, basic storage, and everything in between. We decided to take a closer look at the Diamondback Baere Tote to see who […]

CLC Work Gear Molded Base Bags Feature

CLC Work Gear Molded Base Tool Bags from Custom Leathercraft

CLC Rugged Molded Base Tool Bags and Carriers Designed for the Trades CLC Work Gear, or Custom Leathercraft, launched its line of Molded Base Tool Bags for professional tradesmen. This lineup consists of six different products designed to reliably contain and organize your tools while offering the sturdy ruggedness that a molded base provides. We […]

Toughbuilt Massive Mouth Tool Bags

ToughBuilt Massive Mouth Tool Bags

ToughBuilt Massive Mouth Bags Carry It All ToughBuilt has introduced Massive Mouth Tool Bags to their line of tool storage solutions. These bags, if the name isn’t indicative enough of their uniqueness, feature “EXTREME” openings for easy access to all your tools. But wait, there’s more… Billy Big Mouth Bags Clearly, ToughBuilt makes the lead […]

Klein Tools Canvas Buckets with Drawstring

Klein Canvas Buckets Keep Tools Secure Klein introduced two additions to its line of canvas buckets. Both the 17-inch and 22-inch models feature drawstring close tops and double-locking carabiners to keep tools secure while hoisting the buckets. Klein Strength and Security Klein Tools’ 17-inch and 22-inch Canvas Buckets give trade Pros the carrying strength required […]

Klein Tool Station Backpack

Klein Tool Station Backpack for Electricians

The Klein Tool Station Backpack literally stands out among Klein’s solid backpack lineup—and many of its competitors. Many bags—even some with hard-molded bottoms—easily tip over once you add a few tools. The main zippers on the Klein Tool Station go all the way to the bottom. This creates a stable bag and provides ample access […]

5.11 Load Ready Utility Bag

5.11 Load Ready Utility Bag | Heavy-Duty Hauling

Reinforced 5.11 Utility Bag Says, “Bring On the Heavy Cargo” 5.11, known for their tactical gear, brings their penchant for rugged durability to a new bag. The 5.11 Load Ready Utility Bag, with its no-nonsense construction, has the means to keep even your heavy stuff safe, dry, and in one place. Heavy Duty and Stackable […]

Review9.2(out of 10)

Fluke Pack30 Professional Tool Backpack Review

Early in my career, I quickly learned the value of organized tools. Like a lot of guys, I started out using a big duffel to carry everything whether I need it that day or not. It’s heavy and disorganized, but it’s cheap. However, even the greenest apprentice can figure out that it’s actually disorganization that’s expensive on the […]