CRAFTSMAN® TRADESTACK™ System Expands With Three Highly-Anticipated Storage Solutions

Craftsman TradeStack Expansion

We’re teaming up with CRAFTSMAN® to tell you about three new additions to the CRAFTSMAN® TRADESTACK™ storage system. An Organizer, Tool Crate, and Two-Drawer Unit are set to make your tool storage even more versatile and convenient.



As part of the CRAFTSMAN® TRADESTACK™ line, the new storage solutions are 100% compatible with your other TRADESTACK™ boxes and bags.

If you’re thinking, “That’s great, but I have CRAFTSMAN® VERSASTACK™ units,” don’t worry. CRAFTSMAN® has adapter plates that let the two systems work with each other.

Stacking and removing the units is easy. To secure one on top of the other, start by lining up the two connection points toward the back of the lower box’s lid with the ones on the upper box’s base. Set those in place, pivot the box forward, and push it down until you hear it click into place. A CRAFTSMAN® red spring-loaded latch in the front automatically secures the two boxes together.

To remove a box, simply push the red latch down, grab the handle, and lift it away. It’s a very simple and highly convenient design.



The CRAFTSMAN® TRADESTACK™ Organizer (CMST2147) is your go-to solution for organizing nails, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, and other small objects. Fitting the TRADESTACK™ system footprint, it’s 21 3/8 inches wide by 14 1/8 inches. Specific to storing those smaller objects, it’s 5 1/4 inches deep and can hold up to 44 pounds. Plus, the polycarbonate lid is transparent, making it easy to see what’s inside.

When you lift the latches and open the lid, two things are immediately apparent. One is the gasket around the lid, giving the box an IP65 ingress rating against dust and water.

The other is 12 removable bins that store inside. They each have molding in the box’s base to help them settle into a spot and the lid recesses slightly into the top of each bin to secure them during transport. The great thing about the design is that you can remove boxes to make room for longer tools such as socket extensions, reciprocating saw blades, or long bolts without worrying about the bins shifting and spilling inside.

Even if you need to use all 12 bins, you can still store longer items thanks to additional storage sections along the sides and back of the box.

Pick this one up for $39.98



In our opinion, the CRAFTSMAN® TRADESTACK™ Tool Crate (CMST21409) is a must-have part of your TRADESTACK™ system. It’s a great place to toss items that don’t mind the elements, such as extension cords. We also like to set it on top of the stack while we’re working as a place to set the tools we pick up and set down frequently.

Designed specifically for bulk storage, it’s 10 inches deep and can hold up to 50 pounds. Two handles integrated into the sides let you fully wrap your hands around them for a secure grip.

Thanks to its rigid design, it can connect other TRADESTACK™ products on top, so it can stack as the base, in the middle, or on top of your system.

Get your hands on one or more for $34.98 each.



The CRAFTSMAN® TRADESTACK™ Two-Drawer Unit (CMST21404) has a ton of uses. Its two drawers operate smoothly thanks to actual drawer slides. Plus, a latch securely keeps the drawers from sliding back out when you close them.

Each drawer is 3.8 inches deep and can hold up to 17.6 pounds. With that kind of capacity, you can hold more than just hand tools and accessories. Power tools such as your drills and impact drivers can also fit along with batteries, meters, and other tools that help you make a living. Best of all, the drawer design gives you access to your gear in the middle of your stack without having to remove any TRADESTACK™ System storage you have connected above the Two-Drawer Unit.

Add the Two-Drawer Unit to your TRADESTACK™ system for $99.00.

Get all of these and more where CRAFTSMAN® products are sold or learn more by visiting CRAFTSMAN®’s website!

What do you think of CRAFTSMAN®’s newest TRADESTACK™ System storage solutions? Let us know in the comments below.

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