Diamondback Tool Bag and Storage Review

Diamondback Storage

You may know Diamondback for its excellent tool belts, but have you seen Diamondback tool bags and storage solutions?

We got our hands on a wide range of what the product team has put together to see what our guys think of them. While you’re reading, keep in mind that Diamondback products are Made in the USA. This is a pretty broad overview, so be sure to visit Diamondback’s website to learn more.

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First Impressions

There’s one thing that stood out with each of these products immediately—they’re much lighter than we expect from Diamondback’s competition. Lighter weight means less fatigue, and that’s something we’re always grateful for.

Then there’s the construction. Diamondback tool bags use 1000D nylon for the primary construction. It’s an abrasion-resistant material that typically only fails on us if the stitching is poor quality. Looking broadly over the bags we received, we expect these Diamondback products to stand up to years of daily jobsite use.

Diamondback Tool Bags

Diamondback Go Bag

Diamondback Tool Bag and Storage Review | Go Bag

Transport all of your vital, everyday tools with the Diamondback Go Bag. This bag contains a variety of slots sized for small hand tools. You can carry and store your pliers, chisels, clamps, utility knives, or anything else you need. This bag’s lightweight design makes it easily portable, too, so your tools can be on-hand at a moment’s notice.

It features 15 internal tool slots, 4 external tool slots, and an 11×7 external front zipper pocket.

Diamondback Go Bag Price: $155

Diamondback Tengo Bag

Diamondback Tool Bag and Storage Review | Tengo Bag

Diamondback describes the Tengo Bag as its flagship bag of the Go Bag lineup. Like the rest of their products, the Tengo’s clips and accessories are fully customizable, with the inner and outer pockets even doubling as attachment points for extra Diamondback accessories.

The interior of the Tengo Bag is also bright yellow, which was designed to help you easily spot small items that may fall to the bottom of the bag. On the bag’s base, you have an abrasion-resistant material that molds to the surface, while keeping the bag upright on flat surfaces.

The Diamondback Tengo Bag exterior pockets on both sides and the front, as well as 10 clip-on storage slots. The bag’s foldable wings also keep out rain and dust and help keep your belongings secure.

Diamondback Tengo Bag Price: $275

Diamondback Baere Tote

Diamondback Tool Bag and Storage Review | Baere Tote

If you often find yourself carrying around a wider variety of large or oddly-shaped tools, the Diamondback Baere Tote could be exactly what you’re looking for.

It features four exterior pockets as well as four interior pockets, which are sized for things like hand tools or other small accessories. There’s no hard plastic at the bottom, which makes it lightweight and nonmarring. You do sacrifice some waterproofing points, though, since water can still get into the fabric and stitching.

Diamondback Baere Tote Price: $85

Diamondback Skopa Buckets

Diamondback Tool Bag and Storage Review | Skopa Bucket

Your storage and carrying possibilities are pretty much endless with the Diamondback Skopa Bucket. It’s designed with a lightweight and durable DiamondSkin to help you carry anything from debris or scraps to awkwardly-shaped tools. The bottom is also nonmarring, so it won’t harm or scratch finished surfaces. Additionally, there’s a 12.5-inch carrying handle to help you easily transport the Skopa and its contents.

Diamondback Skopa Bucket Price: $65 (also available with a drawstring closure for $75)

Diamondback Dirigo Bag

Diamondback Tool Bag and Storage Review | Dirigo Bag

Designed to merge durability and style, the Diamondback Dirigo Bag features a number of storage options for anything from laptops to tools. In fact, the interior of the bag has a padded laptop sleeve that fits up to a 17-inch screen. You also have another sleeve for things like documents and paperwork.

Not a business professional or office worker? The body of the bag still has a large capacity for storing your favorite tools, or perhaps your lunch, so you can get just as much use out of it. Check out our review of the Dirigo Bag for a deeper dive into its features and what we thought of it.

Diamondback Dirigo Bag Price: $199

Diamondback Sax and Pax

Diamondback DB Sax


Have a ton of small loose accessories like nails or bolts? The Diamondback DB Sax is the right storage accessory for you. You can easily clip the Sax to your belt or toolbag for easy access. You also have a variety of color options for organizing different accessories (or just to look stylish).

Diamondback DB Sax Price: $28

Diamondback DB Sax 2

Sax 2

Improving on its DB Sax accessory pouches, the Diamondback Sax 2 has a round, flat bottom that helps it stand up on its own. With the same features as the original Sax, the Sax 2 also features a belt clip and a hanging hook. If you need to carry or store your small accessories but don’t want to worry about them spilling if the pouch falls over, the Sax 2 might be the choice for you.

Diamondback Sax 2 Price: $30

Diamondback Big Sax

Big Sax

The Diamondback Big Sax is, well, a bigger version of the Sax. You still have a belt clip, a hanging hook, and a cinch to keep items secure. You don’t have as many color options with the Big Sax, but it comes in green with the choice between red or black stitching.

Diamondback Big Sax Price: $38

Diamondback Mini Sax

Mini Sax

The Diamondback Mini Sax is 25% smaller than the original Sax, for carrying and storing those tiny, loose items. It also features a 2-inch belt clip, a D-ring connection point, and a drawstring cinch. Additionally, these bags are small and lightweight, weighing only 0.25 lbs and standing 4 inches tall.

Diamondback Mini Sax Price: $25

Diamondback GoPax

Diamondback Tool Bag and Storage Review | Go Pax

Need a bag for things like your smaller hand tools? The Diamondback GoPax is pretty much perfect for that. It measures 11.5 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 7 inches tall. Like the rest of the Pax and Sax, the GoPax also has webbing with an attached D ring for hanging storage. Additionally, you have the choice between red or black stitching to accent the green color of the pouch.

Diamondback GoPax Price: $38

Diamondback MedPax


It’s important to have an action plan in case of injury on the job. When it comes to minor scratches or cuts, the Diamondback MedPax first-aid kit can come in handy in a pinch. You have the option to purchase the pack itself, or even have it come fully loaded with single-use, individually-packed first aid items.

Diamondback MedPax Price: MedPax only is $40, MedPax with first-aid items: $68

Diamondback Tool Bag Accessories and Organizers

Bit Organizer Go Sleeve

Diamondback Tool Bag and Storage Review | Go Sleeve

The Bit Organizer Go Sleeve houses 28 small compartments perfect for storing bits for the tools you use often. There are two clips on the back of the sleeve that attaches to the Go Panel (more on that later) to prevent slipping during travel.

Diamondback Bit Organizer Go Sleeve Price: $50

Screwdriver Go Sleeve

Screwdriver Go Sleeve

This sleeve has a very similar concept as many of the organization sleeves in this lineup. Like the Bit Organizer Go Sleeve, the Screwdriver Go Sleeve has slots to carry up to seven screwdrivers. It also has two clips on the back that attach to the Go Panel to prevent slippage during travel.

Diamondback Screwdriver Go Sleeve Price: $40

Small Tool Go Sleeve

Small Tool Go Sleeve

If you have a lot of small hand tools you need to store or carry with you, the Small Tool Go Sleeve could be exactly what you’re looking for. It has two layers of small pockets designed to house tools like pliers, screwdrivers, and larger bits. There are also two clips on the back to attach to the Go Panel for convenience and security during travel.

Diamondback Small Tool Go Sleeve Price: $42

Three Pocket Go Sleeve

Three Pocket Go Sleeve

The Three Pocket Go Sleeve is pretty self-explanatory. It has three pockets for storing things like pliers, screwdrivers, and other hand tools. Like the other Go Sleeves in this lineup, it also has clips on the back to attach to the Go Panel for more secure transport.

Diamondback Three Pocket Go Sleeve Price: $40

Two Pocket Go Sleeve

Two Pocket Go Sleeve

The Two Pocket Go Sleeve is a lot like its three-pocket counterpart. This one has two layers of segmented storage pockets that can house things like levels and other accessories. It also has two clips on the back that connect to the Go Panels to help with security during travel.

Diamondback Two Pocket Go Sleeve Price: $40

Zippered Go Sleeve

Zippered Go Sleeve

Two wide zipper slots make up the Diamondback Zipper Go Sleeve. In the lower zipper slot, the walls are made of 100 denier nylon. In the upper zipper pocket, your tools will be protected with DiamondSkin, which Diamondback tells us is impenetrable. Like the rest of the Go Sleeves, it also features two clips on the back that secure it to the Go Panel.

Diamondback Zippered Go Sleeve Price: $38

Diamondback Go Panel 9×15

Diamondback Tool Bag and Storage Review | Go Panel

Diamondback describes the 9×15 Go Panel as the backbone of its vertical filing system. This panel lets all of the Go Sleeves attach to it for custom organization. It was also designed to fit into the Dirigo and Tengo bags for added customization. Additionally, it’s made out of durable ABS and features a number of clip-compatible slots.

Diamondback Go Panel 9×15 Price: $30

Diamondback Mega and Mini Spines

The Mega and Mini Spines attach to any vertical flat surface to add storage to your workshop or garage. Any Diamondback product that has a clip can be added to the spines, making them an all-encompassing storage system.

The Diamondback Mini Spine measures 15 inches in length and features 4 individual clip-on points. The larger Mega Spine comes in at almost 3 feet long and features 8 clip-on points. Both sizes are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and feature a thick, durable powder coat.

Diamondback Mega Spine Price: $65

Diamondback Mini Spine Price: $45

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