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Roof Restoration After the Storm: Build Your Business

We’ve written a lot about roofing nailers, roofing cutters, and even choosing the right roofing material. This is important information for new construction or routine replacement. However, after a damaging storm, your focus shifts from routine jobs to storm restoration. If you serve communities in the paths of hurricanes and tornadoes, consider the following roof restoration tips from the PTR Pros to help build your business.


Raise The Roof Restoration Business

Be Aware of Weather Patterns

What time of year are damaging storms most likely? Prepare your sales team and your marketing materials for that time of year. Use creative marketing throughout the year so customers will recognize your company when they hear about your storm restoration services.

Have Inventory On Hand

It’s no good to reach customers if you don’t have access to roofing supplies and tools. Build up inventory or secure access to it in advance of storm season.

Customer Service: Should Contractors Do More?


Most contractors will canvass a storm-damaged neighborhood after a storm. Why not get ahead of the game? Canvass before storm season or, better yet, as a storm forms that could come ashore. Let them know about your storm restoration services and that you’d be happy to serve if the time comes.  Be sure to know local solicitation codes.

Let Your Compassion Show

Your customers are probably scared, stressed, and suspicious of roofing contractors on the scene immediately after a storm thanks to more than a few unscrupulous or illegitimate contractors. Storm restoration can generate solid revenues for your business, but remember that homes and lives have been destabilized. Show concern for your potential customers.

Be more than just nice, be patient and walk through the process of restoring the roof and dealing with the insurance claims carefully. Answer any questions your client might have and be sure they know you’re licensed and insured if your state requires it.

Work With Adjuster

Work with the insurance adjuster in good faith for all parties.


Here’s Your Sign

Ask the homeowner’s permission to put your sign in the yard during the restoration process.

Pitch Weatherization

Let your potential customers know about the weatherization services you offer. Show them how weatherization adds value and peace of mind.

Plan on Working Long Days

Post-storm cleanup and repair start immediately and can last weeks or months. Clients take note of Pros that go out of their way to make the process easier – or get started and finish up sooner. When you leave the job with a professional result and get the homeowner back to the flow of life more quickly, you’ll win some outstanding word of mouth advertising.

We hope you’ve benefited from these roof restoration tips that can help build your business. If you’re a Pro and you have storm restoration tips, add them in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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