October 25, 2021

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Snap-On Pushes Orange Tools for Festive Fall Fun

Snap-On Orange Tools

Fall For These Orange Tools From Snap-On This…Um, Fall

In the spirit of the fall season, Snap-On has released some pumpkin-themed tools…okay, so they’re not really geared around pumpkins, but they are bright orange. And they’re designed to make life in the shop a lot more comfortable and convenient.

10-Second Summary

  • Snap-On embraces the color orange
  • CTLU7610 Cordless Utility Light generates 540 lumens with 60 LED bulbs ($96.95)
  • KAFANPJK LED Clock and Fan Combo has LED display and magnetic base ($75.75)
  • Blue Point Telescoping Inspection Mirror features 2-1/4″ mirror and angle ball joint ($22.40)

Orange You Glad You Went With Snap-On?

Snap-On CTLU7610 14.4V MicroLithium 60 LED Cordless Utility Light

This new utility light cordlessly cranks out 540 lumens with 60 LED bulbs. Snap-On uses high-impact plastic for the housing and a padded hook for hanging.

This Snap-On utility light gets 4 hours of runtime from the 14.4V rechargeable battery (which is, incidentally, sold separately). A red LED indicator lets you know when your battery is running low. You can also purchase  (again, separately) a charger and a range of different batteries to power this bad boy.

Price: $96.95

Snap-On KAFANPJK LED Clock and Two-Speed Fan

Snap-On Orange Tools

The ol’ workshop or garage can get pretty stifling, even when it’s cool out. But you won’t have that issue with this two-speed oscillating fan circulating air around. It features a real-time LED temperature display in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and because it’s so low-voltage, you can power it through either an outlet or a USB port.

But that’s not all. This fan also features a magnetic base, meaning that you can position it vertically or horizontally for the best coverage.

Price: $75.75

Blue Point UIM225OR Telescoping Inspection Mirror

Snap-On Orange Tools

Blue Point might be Snap-On’s daughter brand, but it gets the orange treatment too. This inspection mirror features a 2-1/4″ diameter mirror. Its 6-1/2″ frame telescopes out to 35″. It also features an all-angle ball joint that holds the mirror in place at any angle.

Price: $22.40

Thoughts On Snap-On’s Orange Shift

Snap-On has a reputation for making high-quality tools and this really just shows off that not everything they make is red. If you look around, there are greens, blues, and other colors as well.

These aren’t the only products that come in multiple colors, by any means. You can get your hands on gloves, flashlights, drivers, prybars, safety glasses and SOOOO much more!

Should you be excited? Sure, if you want to rock different colors than your other Snap-On-wielding colleagues. Seriously though, having a different color can make it easier to know when someone has their hands on a tool that belongs to you. After all, you don’t want those regular paycheck reductions funding their toolbox.

What do you think? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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Look at those prices lmao for cheap chinese junk I bet, especially the fan.

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