Sunday Morning Comics: Pallet Staircase

Sunday Morning Comics: Pallet Staircase

So I’m taking my DIY crafts more seriously and thinking about becoming a “Maker”. That’s a DIYer that gets paid, basically. Or, well, has stuff for sale that they make, anyway. In my area, the big Maker items come from stuff that you’ve recycled or reused because it really makes you feel good about being a good steward to the Earth and all that.

I was putting up my 5th pallet wall of the month last week. I find that when you offer to work for free, you have more work. Now that all of my mom’s friends have pallet walls, I realized the next big thing – pallet staircases!

What’s not to love?

Sunday Morning Comics: Pallet Staircase

They match pallet walls perfectly, the materials are easy to get ahold of, and they’re easier to build than a pallet wall!


Since Makers are all about community and sharing ideas, I’ll even tell you how I built this beauty so you can experience the good vibes that come from adding one to your next build.

First, measure the height and figure out how many pallets it’ll take to reach it.

There are a couple of ways to figure out how far out the first pallet needs to go from the wall. You can go with the more traditional even spacing. I call this the “Decaf Build” since I came up with it at Starbucks. For a “Robust Build”, you can use a pattern. I like to start wide, go narrow, then back out to wide. You can do that multiple times you’re building a large pallet staircase. But for ultimate “Espresso Build”, you’ll go with completely random spacing to make it look as natural as possible.

Even though the look is great, you’ve got to make sure it’s safe, too. Use as much Dap as you can – squeezing it out the sides helps the DIY, er Maker, look. Once that cures, add some reclaimed pipe and fittings to finish it off and you’ve got a piece that people will be talking about for years. It’s sure to add to your home’s value, too!

Next up, I’m going to work on a pallet spiral staircase. Stay tuned to see how that turns out!

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