June 16, 2021

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Tool Toons: Adventures of Bob the Blue-Haired Anime Protagonist

Bob Blu-haired Anime Protagonist

It was yet another quiet day in Bob’s apartment. The man with the unnatural-but-still-cool-looking blue hair stared out of his window. Bob loved tools because they were colorful and cool—just like him. In fact, he used tools in his daily life, such as the power drill he used to get his hair just right every morning. Bob was not your average person. He worked for the CTSF—the Construction Trade Superhero Force. He was also an anime protagonist, which means pretty much anything he did ended up being extremely dangerous and cool at the same time.

A Call for Help

Bob's Lamborghini huracanOne morning, without warning, Bob’s phone chimed. It was a text message from the President! “HELP US!” it read. The text told him exactly where he needed to go. He grabbed his tool bag and ran towards his blue 2015 Lamborghini Huracán (because all anime protagonists need super cool-looking cars), ready to save the world. Leaping into the front seat and making sure to buckle his seatbelt, he drove off towards the distress call at top speed!

Bob soon arrived at the scene. He jumped out of his car and ran towards the panicked crowd of people surrounding a nearby building. The President was there as well. He noticed Bob and ran over to him. “Bob! Hurry! If we can’t stabilize the building’s structure, it’s going to collapse…on top of a dozen orphaned puppies! Everyone else is too afraid to go in and save them!” he explained, his tone urgent. Bob nodded to show that he understood. The building tilted rather precariously, but Bob ran inside.

Save the Puppies!

In the lobby of the building, Bob desperately looked around for the source of the instability. He could hear the barking of all fifty orphaned puppies who were afraid of the dangerous tilting of the building (and getting rather seasick). Metallic creaking from the building’s supports could be heard. The structure wouldn’t last much longer under the stress! Bob knew he had to think fast. His eyes darted around the room, looking for any possible solution to the problem. Then he saw it: in the center of the room, a single bolt had come loose in the main support, causing the whole building to shift off-balance. Another metallic groan could be heard, louder than the first. Bob would have to act quickly.

Running back to his car, he grabbed a Milwaukee cordless impact wrench from his tool bag. With shaky hands, he raised the tool, and fitted a socket onto the loose bolt. His finger squeezed the trigger. If he didn’t tighten the bolt just right, the entire building would collapse on top of him and all one hundred orphaned puppies. Sweat poured down his face as he slowly went to work. At first, there was a moment of silence which seemed to last forever. Nothing happened. Then, slowly but surely, the bolt began to turn, guided by the impact wrench. The building started to straighten out. Eventually, Bob had completely tightened the bolt, and the building returned to normal. Wiping the sweat off his brow, Bob grinned. He had saved the day once again! The blue haired hero walked out of the building, victorious.

A Job Well Done

Later that day, Bob returned to his apartment after a hard day’s work. After setting the tool down on his work desk, and sat down on his couch, ready to relax and watch some TV. Suddenly, his phone rang. It was the President again. It seemed like a hero’s work was never over…

Bob Anime Close Up

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