Author Caleb DeBoer

From coming up with creative characters and lines of video game code to drawing comics, Caleb is a creative young man. His constant pursuit of adventure leads him to enjoy moving his imaginative ideas into reality. Once his typing speed catches up to his brain, Caleb may indeed prove to be a story writer to be reckoned with!

Superdogs: Makita 36V Cordless Circular Saw Mayhem

One day, our heroes were at their base discussing what they were going to do for the day. Now these are no ordinary dogs, these are Super­dogs! “I say we take the private jet to Hawaii for a vacation.” said Harly. “Sure!” said Cody. “I want to go shopping with Holly!” said Star. “I say we go shopping while on vacation in Hawaii!” said Jake. LATER… IN THE PRIVATE JET… “These old wooden forts are so beautiful from up here!” said Star. Suddenly… RED ALERT!!!        RED ALERT!!!       RED ALERT!!! Continue Reading