June 16, 2021

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Tool Toons: Birthday Blackout!

Tool Tunes—Blackout!

In this month’s episode, we have our hero dogs chilling out at a party where things are going fine until…well, you’ll just have to see for yourself. This article as always, has the son of our editor-in-chief supplying a fictional story around a tool assignment—in this case, a Ridgid 6800-watt Gas Generator from The Home Depot. We only do minimal editing to keep it as close to his version as possible. Things move fast in this active 10-year old’s mind, so try and keep up! – Pro Tool Reviews

The dogs’ special party in the abandoned warehouse was going very, very well.

“Dis ish the vewwy best pawty eva!” said 5-year old Max. He always said that about parties, especially on his birthday.

“I have to admit,” said Stephanie,”that Max is right. This is the best party ev-”

She never got a chance to finish.

“The power’s out!” said Harly, running towards them. “And I can’t fix it! A cable has been cut!”

Sophia was worried. “And the guy on TV was about to announce this year’s Very Important Tool!” she said.

“Ditho!” said Max.

Ridgid ribbonJake said, “I think I know which tool should win. A Ridgid Power Generator!”

“What does it do?” said Holly

“It runs on gas and can generate 6800 Watts of power! Come on,” said Jake, “to The Home Depot!”

“Let’s go!” said Harly.

Harly grabbed a flashlight.

“Let’s go!” he said.

They hopped in the car and drove off.

When they got there, in large letters, the sign said:

The Home Depot logo

“We’re here!” said Jake.


Ridgid gas generator“The last one!” said Harly. “We got the last one in stock!”

“Yesh but I tink we need gath” said little Max.

“Aargh!” said Harly. “We forgot the gas!”

“I thought we had gath hewe!” said Max, pointing at his can of Coke.

“Ha ha ha hee hee!” everybody laughed.

After grabbing some gas, back at the warehouse Harly plugged in the generator…But the power outlet blew up in his face!

“A bomb!” said Harly. “Who would do this?”

“And who just egged my car???!!!” yelled Stephanie.

“The very same crazy (and insane) creep who stole our gas! The gas is gone!” said Jake.

Sure enough, the tank was empty too.

“No way!” yelled Sophia.

“Yes way,” said a mysterious voice behind them.

“The thief!” said Harly. “Get him!”

Harly aimed a karate kick at the thief’s midsection.

The thief jumped up: His mistake.

Holly used a broom handle as a bow-staff and swung it down hard.

BAM! The thief was knocked out cold.

Holly got cocky, though, and did not pay attention to the movement behind her.

SPLAT! Holly was splattered with bleach and went down in a faint.

Then, a net full of electric eels was dumped on Star, who being little, and not afraid of eels, took a seed and threw it. The seed became a giant chomper plant and ate up all of the eels. Harly and Jake ran at Mach-1 to find the gang of villains, while Max, Star, Holly (who finally woke up,) Stephanie, and Sophia plugged in and defended the generator. Holly had a power called “imagination realization”, so she simply imagined the thieves coming out of their hiding spots.

Two puny-looking dogs came out—and were quickly taken out by Harly’s electricity power.

Suddenly, the lights turned on!

“Yes!” said Holly

Max started spanking the thieves on their behinds and saying repeatedly, “Bad, bad, bad!”

The TV turned on and the guy on the channel said, “And the winner is…the Ridgid 6800-Watt Power Generator!”

“YES!” said everyone in the whole warehouse.


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