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Tool Toons: Super Dogs Ladder Adventure

super dogs ladder adventure

Editor's Note

Once again, junior tool editor, Caleb DeBoer, flexes his writing muscles as he pens a story about his favorite topic (Super Dogs). His assignment? Take a new tool and integrate it into the story. In keeping with last month’s ladder focus, his story centers around a Little Giant SumoStance ladder. Let’s see what he did with it…

The Power Pups team is a team of super dogs that each have their own special powers. There are currently 5 members in the team. Their names are Harly, Holly, Jake, Star, and Ace. The Power pups usually carry tools around with them to help on their missions…of course, most of their missions are really just them getting attacked by notorious enemies!

One day, the Power Pups team had just gotten a ladder, and no one knew what to do with it. They knew they wanted to test it out, but they weren’t sure how. Harly suggested trying to help a nearby construction site that was working on a new building. Star thought this was not going to happen, because the construction workers had plenty of ladders already. The ladder that the Power Pups had was a Little Giant SumoStance Extension Ladder. Or as Jake called it, an LGSS.

In the end they decided to go to the construction site anyway. When they got to the site, they used the ladder to paint the walls way up high that were inside. Ace suggested that they work all night to help make less work, because there was lighting inside the building, so they worked all night long. They painted the walls and were soon finished. Just as they were ready to go home, however, they were attacked by a group of ninja cats! Harly wanted to go all Jackie Chan on the cats, and no one objected, so he did. It looked something like this:

Harly weaved in and out of the ladder, knocking out cats as he went. The other dogs stepped into the fight to help their teammate. Ace did a flying kick to one cat’s head, while Star tackled him by slamming into his legs. Holly used her martial arts skills to attack various ninja cats coming at her from all directions. Jake used his extreme strength to knock out even more cats. The ninja cats were quick, but they were no match for the Power Pups—eventually they retreated.

The dogs then went peacefully back to painting the walls.

When morning came, the Power pups acted like nothing had ever happened. Everything was normal, except that a worker found a ninja belt on the ground. The dogs came back in and started to paint the ceiling—again using the Little Giant ladder. Using the LGSS was a great idea, and the workers seemed to really appreciate the help. The job went much faster with the Little Giant extension ladder. Both the Power Pups and the work crew could reach both high and low places that normally took two different ladders.

The workers then got more of the Little Giant SumoStance Ladders and used them to help them work more quickly. Jake said that the LGSS was a hero. Star said that Harly was a hero. Ace said that everyone that had worked on the building was a hero. The workers said that the Power Pups were heroes. Lots of heroes all around! When the building was finished, everyone had a big party to celebrate.

Later, when the Power Pups got back to their secret base, everything was normal—except that Ace found a ninja belt on the floor! Oh no, he thought. Now what?!?


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