October 22, 2021

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Tool Toons: Holly Gets Robbed!

Tool Tunes DeWalt Hammer Drill

Once again I gave my 10-year old son a tool and he concocted the following story, again revolving around his favorite topic: super dogs. This month’s tool was a DeWalt 20V Hammer Drill, and the story…? Well that took on a life of its own. As usual, there was only a minimal amount of text editing, so you’re accessing the mind of a 10-year old future tool-addict… hang on for another wild ride!

There’s nothing better than a good quality hammer drill…

…unless of course, you put it into the hands of a super cool heroic dog or two or three.

Holly Gets Robbed!

One day, Jake was walking alone in the park when his sister Holly came running towards him.

“Help!” she said, “we have been robbed!”

“When?” said Jake.

“Just now!” said Holly. She handed him a note. The note said:

anonymous letter

“Oh no!” said Jake. “Not your wish list!”

“And the worst part is that all of this was in my purse at the time! But don’t worry,” said Holly. “I have a plan. I’ll need a DeWalt hammer drill, though.”

“Woah, woah, woah.” said Jake. “When are you going to get a hammer drill? And where?”

“I can answer both.” said Holly. “When? 6:00 tonight. Where? The TOOL STORE!”

OK, said Jake…”First, we will move the statue into the alley. And then…

“…we’ll booby trap the alley!” Holly finished. “We’ll bust the guy! Besides, all robbers come at midnight, right?”

“Right,” said Jake. “We will be there and catch him red-handed!”

A voice behind them piped up, “He will so be, like, snooglydiffles!, right?”

“Harly!” yelled Jake. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m in town for a little bit.” said Harly. “But actually, you little super spy, I’ve got a job to do! So I need YOU to take care of your little sister for me. She’s quite the troublemaker! Keep her in sight at all times! Bye!”

“Oh snap,” said Jake. “Not again! Now I can’t do the mission!”

“Don’t worry,” said Holly. “I’ll do it!”

“Well, good luck, smarty-pants!” Jake shot back. He was jealous because he wasn’t going to be able to go on the mission.

“You’re just upset because you have to watch our little sister!”

“Oh yeah?” said Jake.

“Yeah!” said Holly.

“Whatever, loser.” said Jake “Hmph!”

Later that night, Holly used the hammer drill to booby trap the alley.


At the stoke of midnight, a dark shadow appeared outside the door. It stepped inside and went forward.

Click!—SNAP!—FOOSH! All the booby traps went off!


“Ouch!” said the shadow. “Aw, snooglydiffles!”

“That’s no shadow, that’s Harly!” said Holly. “Harly, why did you do this?”

“Chill, sis!” said Harly. “It was only a prank. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! You will find your purse and a Christmas present stuffed in your mailbox! And did you have to mount actual flamethrowers in that alley?”

“Oops…” said Holly.

“Hey, at least my plan to get a hammer drill for Christmas worked!” said Harly.

“Who told you that I was going to give you that hammer drill for Christmas?” said Holly.


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