October 26, 2021

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Harly and the Klein Glow in the Dark Pliers

Harly Klein Hi-Viz pliers

Once again our resident tool-professional-in-training is trying his hand at a story. This month, the story revolves around what happened last month when Harly, our hero dog, infiltrated an evil cat’s lair with the help of a pair of Klein’s Hi-Viz Glow in the Dark Pliers. We only did minor editing…and we make no apologies for the creativity behind the mind of a 10-year-old. And, as a special bonus, stay tuned to the end of the article for a special surprise.

Harly was on a top secret mission. He was to seek and destroy the cat’s evil lair. This was no easy task because the base was surrounded in barbed wire, and Harly had to get in at midnight, when it was pitch-dark. He was going at 11:00 because it took one hour to get there. His plane flew over the base, and Harly, without a parachute, jumped out and did a high speed spin of his body (Harly calls it a double-voltage-spindown) and landed. He immediately saw the problem—barbed wire! But he had just the tool he needed: the Glow–in–the–dark Klein Hi-Viz Pliers! Harly immediately began cutting.

“Whew!” Harly said to himself. “This is hard work!”

Meanwhile, in the cat’s lair…

“The cats shall rule the world!” said Hugepaws Rozz. “We will…”


Harly had set off an alarm. It was so loud that the cats’ sensitive ears could not miss the explosion.

Meanwhile, Harly was getting through the fence. Just in case, Harly called Star and Holly for backup.


Harly crashed through the window, even as the sniper cats fired at him and missed.

“Game over, cats!” said Harly. Then he saw it: A bomb.

Harly knew he had to cut a wire, but if he cut the wrong one, the bomb would explode.

“Let’s see…” Harly thought to himself. “You usually cut the green wire…” Not a big deal except dogs are color blind!!!!!

Suddenly, Harly saw colors. He turned to see…“Holly!” Holly had slipped a pair of filtered glasses onto Harly’s head just in time. He could see the color of the wires!

Instead of cutting the green wire, Harly rewired the bomb to go off in 5 minutes. Just in time, Star got there with a helicopter and let down a rope. Harly, Holly, and Star grabbed the cats, the rope, and the copter flew off with them still holding on. The rescue had come just in time!


The base exploded into nothingness. The explosion was so loud that you could hear it for miles.

The dogs headed back to base with the cats as prisoners.

The cats still refused to talk about their super-secret plan to blow up the entire Earth, at least until Star started to tickle them with a feather and tempt them with lots and lots of catnip. THEN they started to talk about their whole entire lives (which annoyed the dogs) but the cats still got the catnip in their prison cells (Harly regretted that right after he did it, he hates cats.) At least the plan had been stopped, though. By blowing up the base, the dogs had destroyed the cats’ materials, so that the doomsday machine could not be created. The bomb, it turns out, would have blown up the entire world with the help of the doomsday machine.

“Not much of a Valentines Day” said Harly to Holly and Star as he walked back into their base.



This month, Caleb’s younger brother, Caeden, decided to take a shot at a story involving the Klein Hi-Viz pliers as well. Here is his version:

Klein Tools Caeden

It was two nights before Valentines Day when Harly heard a sound. “Bang!” It was dark, so it was hard to see. Harly got out of bed and tiptoed to where he heard the noise. Then he thought, “I better wake the others up quickly!” First, he woke up Holly. After he woke the others they went to where Harly heard the noise. That place had lots of wires. Star realized that there was a different wire.

“We need to cut that different wire,” said Holly.

“I know what tool we need,” said Jake. “The Klein glow in the dark pliers!”

“Where will we get those?” asked Holly.

“At Home Depot!” said Star.

In the morning they went to The Home Depot and bought the Klein pliers and rushed back the base. Then they went to the wire to cut it, not knowing someone was behind them. Star went flying through the air.

“Whooooooa!” said Star. Harly quickly did a spinkick tornado at whoever was there. He found out it was…well…a girl, and she screamed, “No hitting a girl!”

Holly said, “Well, girls can hit girls!” and did a spine slideback spin, knocking her down. Then the girl turned into a bird and everybody exclaimed, “It’s that villain, Tweet!”

“Get away before she hypnotizes you!” Jake said, just before he jumped into Holly’s lap.

“Run!” said Star.

Harly did a fast kick and knocked Tweet out—well, at least for five seconds. Then Tweet punched Harly and Jake.

Tweet said “Ha! Only the girls left!”

“Well, girls can know karate!” said Star, and really knocked Tweet out this time.

Tweet had to go to jail. Harly and Jake woke up, but it was now midnight. Jake remembered they had to cut the wire. The pliers glowed, so Jake could see the wire. Harly tried to turn on the lights, but they wouldn’t turn on until the wire was cut. Once Jake cut the wire the lights sprang on. The next day was Valentines Day. The cops let Tweet buy Valentines Day gifts for the dogs. The dogs got dog chocolate. “It’s fun on Valentines day!” said Harly. Tweet had to use the money she stole and some of her own. And had to spend it all on Valentines Day gifts. After that, the dogs invited Tweet to dinner and had a very good time.


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