October 22, 2021

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Superdogs: Makita 36V Cordless Circular Saw Mayhem

One day, our heroes were at their base discussing what they were going to do for the day. Now these are no ordinary dogs, these are Super­dogs!

“I say we take the private jet to Hawaii for a vacation.” said Harly.

“Sure!” said Cody.

“I want to go shopping with Holly!” said Star.

“I say we go shopping while on vacation in Hawaii!” said Jake.


“These old wooden forts are so beautiful from up here!” said Star.



The alarm was heard everywhere on the jet. Harly looked out the window to see what the problem was… And bullet fire crashed through his window! Harly quickly ducked.

“Cats!” shouted Holly. “They’re everywhere!”

“Look out!” said Star. “The jet is on fire! We’re going to crash near the old fort!”

“Jake!” said Harly. “Get the saw! We’re going to need it when we crash!”

“How?…Oh. Gotcha.” said Jake. “Everybody get to the parachutes and jump off the plane!”

The dogs jumped off the jet and landed near the old fort.

“Get the Makita 36v Circular saw!” said Harly. “We need to cut into that old wooden fort to get some protection!”

“And we need to do it soon!” added Star.

Jake and Harly cut into the wall of the fort as fast as they could using the Makita saw. The air was thick with bullets.


“Into the fort!” said Harly. “Quickly!”

“Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!” yelled Star.

They made it in the nick of time as the planes dove low to blast them to smithereens.


Some of the planes crashed into the fort’s outer walls, exploding into huge balls of fire.

Fortunately the dogs did not leave without weapons. Star grabbed a Gatling gun and shot down some of the remaining planes. Harly launched a surface-to-air missile and exploding one plane, causing a chain reaction. Jake shot three more planes with his machine gun and then fired a grenade, exploding three more planes. Holly blew up the remaining planes with a cannon that was in the fort and still worked. The problem was that the cats had all ejected. With guns raised, they were now advancing on the fort.

“Paws in the air, Dogs!” said the lead cat. “We have you surrounded!”

“Yeah, what a huge army of twenty cats!” said Harly.

“Get them!” yelled the lead cat.

Just as the cats got into the fort, a huge grenade went off. The smoke cloud was shaped like a dog. The explosion stunned the cats and our heroes went wild with multiple tasers. They took the cats all the way back to their base and put them in jail.

Back at the base, the dogs finally got a chance to relax for some much ­needed rest. Just then, the alarm went off.


“Really?” Said Star. “Again?”

“Yeah, and this time it’s coming from space.” said Harly “You’ll never guess what it is!”

“Aliens!” said Jake. “A whole fleet of them!”

“Yeah.” said Harly. “I wonder what tool we’ll need this time…”


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