August 5, 2021

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USG Durock X2 Primer Sealer

USG Durock X2 Primer Sealer

USG Corporation and XL Brands have partnered to introduce USG Durock X2 Primer-Sealer. What’s new about this particular primer sealer is that it’s the first of its kind to give users a 10-year limited system warranty. Made to be used directly over USG Levelrock or USG Durock gypsum underlayments, USG Durock X2 primer sealer offers the 10-year warranty provided it’s used in with an XL Brands adhesive.

USG Durock X2 Primer Sealer Features

The new USG Durock X2 Primer Sealer is yet another product arising from a collaborative partnership between USG and XL Brands. They are bringing solution-based systems which address moisture and substrate issues, speed up installation, and create better bonds between materials. It also introduces this new full system warranty protection to the industry.

Features List

  • Proprietary polymers formula; alkali- and water-resistant
  • Bond-enhancing sealer designed for use over USG Durock and Levelrock Brand gypsum underlayments
  • High-quality primer for concrete and wood subfloors prior to USG Durock and Levelrock self-leveling underlayments.
  • Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) GreenLabel Plus-approved
  • FloorScore-certified
  • Low emission—may assist in obtaining LEED credits
  • One-coat application

“USG is pleased to partner with XL Brands to offer a new 10-year limited warranty system. This unprecedented warranty will provide specifiers and architects with options that have not been available before when using self-leveling gypsum underlayments.”

John Reale, USG General Manager, Substrates and Specialty

After applying USG Durock X2 Primer Sealer, the new systems allow floor-covering installation over USG Levelrock and USG Durock gypsum underlayments in as little as four hours! This system seems to be a true game changer in the market.

To learn more about USG Durock X2 Primer Sealer, visit usg.com.

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