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Lenox Bi-Metal Utility Bit 5-pc Kit Review

Lenox Bi-Metal Utility Bit 5-pc Kit Review

We’re used to high quality wood bits, but the new Bi-Metal 5-piece kit from Lenox is something that tore into wood faster, with more certainty , and with greater precision than any spade bit or traditional drill bit we’d experienced. We broke out these bits on a rewiring job for an old 1925 Colonial 2-story home. As you can imagine, there were ample opportunities to try out several sizes of bi-metal bits, and we were looking for something that could handle the near-petrified wood that this house was constructed with. After several days of use, we were sold.

Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saws

Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saws Review

Lenox effectively took a tool that has not changed much since its inception and was able add a new level of ease-of-use to their line of Hole Saws with their new Speed Slot. The Speed Slot is a stair stepped angled slot on the side of the hole saw that facilitates easier plug removal. To further improve the Lenox hole saw line, all the hole saws feature an enhanced tooth geometry, a thinner kerf design, and a coating that is supposed to contribute to the efficiency of the cutting process. What all these equates to is a product that just about any professional tradesman will instantly appreciate.

Lenox 8" Diamond Cast Iron Reciprocating Saw Blade Review

Lenox 8 Diamond Cast Iron Reciprocating Saw Blade

Anyone who has ever gone through the process of attempting to update, remove or otherwise cut into cast iron pipe will find a new appreciation for Lenox Diamond reciprocating saw blades. Cast iron is an incredibly dense, thick metal and it is frequently used in older homes for sewage ventilation and drainage. Tying into this pipe entails a cut across 4-inches of the toughest stuff you’re likely to encounter. To accomplish the task, you’ll need much more than a basic metal reciprocating saw blade.