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Lenox Bi-Metal Utility Bit 5-pc Kit Review

We’re used to high quality wood bits, but the new Bi-Metal 5-piece kit from Lenox is something that tore into wood faster, with more certainty , and with greater precision than any spade bit or traditional drill bit we’d experienced. We broke out these bits while rewiring electrical of a two-story home. As you can imagine, there were ample opportunities to try out several sizes of bi-metal bits, and we were looking for something that could handle the near-petrified wood that this house was constructed with. After several days of use, we were sold. After learning that it could be resharpened with a diamond file, we were practically evangelists.


Lenox Bi-Metal Utility Bit 5-pc Kit Features

Lenox is a company that we’ve come to respect. They are good at what they do and they continue to innovate – something that shows an excellent blend of humility and proficiency. With the Bi-Metal 5-piece Utility Bit Kit, we had access to bits ranging in size from 3/4″ to 1-1/4″. In fact, there are five bits in all (3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, 1-1/8″, 1-1/4″) and they are housed in a sturdy and ergonomic latched bit case.

Lenox Bi-Metal Utility Bit Testing

Lenox Bi-Metal Utility Bit drillWhat we liked best about these bits is that they more or less drove themselves through the wood thanks to their self-feeding screw like tips. Seriously, all you have to do is have a powerful-enough 18V cordless drill, get it started, and then hold on for the ride. We paired ours with a Masterforce 18V cordless drill. We used the bits in an electrical rewiring project and tore through 2x4s and even 4×6’s like they were made of balsa wood and each time the cut was clean and perfect for running 12/2 electrical cable and getting our work done. We tested out several sizes, including the popular 3/4″ and the monstrous 1-1/4″ (which we used for our larger holes that would take up to 5 or 6 separate Romex wires) and it just kept getting better. The larger the bit, the more power you’ll want to have, but in no scenario did we ever find ourselves stopped provided we had enough torque and juice to power the bit all the way through the work. Unlike many other self-feeding bits on the market, these bits feature a three-flute design that actually gives one additional cutting edge on the tip and makes the whole bit more rigid. The deep flutes also helped to effectively remove the chips as we were making holes.

Lenox Bi-Metal Utility Bit drilling

In using these bits, it helps to have used good quality bits before, because you might be apt to push hard on it or rock it back and forth to get it to complete a hole. That would be a mistake. The correct usage for these bits is a steady pressure, allowing the bit and tool to do the work. Following these method, the bits were unstoppable and, even after rewiring an entire downstairs, the edges were sharp and ready for more.

Lenox Bi-Metal Utility Bit

It was easy to give these bits a near-perfect 9/10 in performance. There’s not much they can’t do when it comes to boring a hole in wood or Melamine. They outperformed almost anything else in their class we could think of and really come across as super-duty. For Value, they are well above average, but still pricey, so they earned a 7/10. If you want a one-off bit that’s disposable, these aren’t it. But for pros and those who don’t want bits that are going to dull quickly and make a tough job tougher, the Lenox Bi-Metal Utility Bits – and this 5-piece kit in particular – are very impressive and highly recommended.



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