Pellenc Airion Battery-Powered Backpack Leaf Blower Review

Pellenc Airions Battery-Powered Backpack Blower Review

As the outdoor power equipment industry continues its shift into more battery-powered products, we’re seeing names emerge to meet the demand. One of those is Pellenc, and we got our hands on the Pellenc Airion backpack leaf blower to see how it stacks up.

Pellenc Backpack Leaf Blower Performance

  • 858 CFM
  • 27 Newtons
  • 4 Speeds + Boost
  • 50 min – 4 Hrs, 30 Min Runtime with the ULiB 1500 Battery
  • 40 min – 3 Hrs, 40 Min Runtime with the ULiB 1500 Battery
  • 10 Times Lower Vibration than Gas

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Blowing Force

Pellenc Airions Battery-Powered Backpack Blower Review

The big question is… what kind of blowing force does this blower have? The answer—plenty. Rated for 27N on the top end in lab settings, the blower registered 25.9N on our meter in the hot humid summer.

To put that in context, professional gas backpack blowers start around 21N and mid-range models get up around 30N. The highest we’ve tested is Echo’s PB-9010T that hit 52.0N on our rig.

On the battery side of things, Husqvarna’s 550iBTX is rated for just 14N and Stihl’s BGA 300 can hit 26N. A residential favorite, EGO, has a Commercial line and its backpack blower is rated at 26N, though we hit 27.9N in our tests.

Okay, that’s a LOT of numbers, but what’s the point? First, the Pellenc backpack blower is a performance replacement for entry to mid-range gas blowers. Second, it’s in the elite upper tier of battery-powered models currently available.


ULiB 1500 Battery

The other big concern for professional lawn care crews is the runtime. How much you get from this model depends on which battery you choose and how you use it. The two best batteries are the ULiB1500 and the ULiB 1200 thanks to their high capacities.

With the ULiB 1500, you can expect 50 min to 4 hours and 30 minutes of runtime based on what mode you’re using. The ULiB nets 40 minutes to 3 hours and 40 minutes. Keep in mind, those numbers are actual trigger time. Your working time will be much longer considering the amount of time you spend working on other parts of the job, walking from one spot to the next, or hauling back and forth to the trailer.

Pellenc Backpack Leaf Blower Design Notes

  • LCD Control Panel
  • 3-Point Padded Harness
  • Balance-Optimized Center of Gravity
  • Easy Pivoting Motion
  • IP54 Ingress Rating
  • 15.0 Pounds Without Battery or Nozzle
  • 33.3 Pounds Working Weight With ULiB 1500 Battery



If you’re used to working with a gas-powered backpack blower, switching to Pellenc is going to feel very familiar. The overall design mimics the way you wear and maneuver a gas model. However, you’ll notice much less notice and vibration. The blower tube connects with a pivot, making it even easier to swing left and right than one that wraps around the back.

The harness is comfortable, with padded straps that include a hip strap to shift the weight from your back to your hips. That’s good, because the 33-pound working weight is a heavier than most gas models, even fully loaded with fuel.

Pellenc’s design team was well aware of the increase in weight, though. The placement of the equipment and position of the battery all intentionally configured to ensure the weight is balanced. It’s not just a matter of left/right front/back balance, either. When you kick the blower up to Turbo, the force pushing back against you won’t leave you trying to overcome a rear-weighted balance.



Obviously, there’s no pull cord or choke you need to fight with to get the blower started. All the controls are literally at your fingertips while you’re wearing the blower. You start by pressing the power button on the trigger interface and hitting the trigger once to activate the unit.

The trigger is variable speed and works exactly the way you expect it to—the more you pull, the power you get. However, there are 4 modes to cycle through. Each one acts as a governor to keep you from using too much power. While typical mow and blow jobs are most efficient at high or turbo, using the lower modes can help you manage the battery power.

To change the mode, there’s a thumb switch on the left. Push it down to go to cycle from mode 1 to 4 or up to go from 4 to 1. Once you get to the end in either direction, the next press will return to the start and go around again.

If you want to use turbo, hold the thumb switch down for a couple of seconds and will enter that mode until you cycle out of it.

Regardless of the mode you’re in, you can change on the fly without having to release the trigger.

While you’re working, the backlit LCD screen show you what mode you’re in, what battery percentage remains, and how far you have the trigger pulled.

Pellenc Backpack Leaf Blower Price

  • $999 bare tool
  • ULiB 1200 battery, charger, and accessories: $1660
  • ULiB 1500 battery, charger, and accessories: $1860

The bare tool runs $999 and the recommended batteries add another $1660 – $1860 to the price. With a total investment of $2650+, you’ll want to run the numbers and make sure they make sense for your business.

The Bottom Line

There’s no question that the Pellenc Airion backpack blower is in the top performance tier of the battery-powered leaf blowers currently available. Its design reflects a lot of hard work and an intentional Pro-focus that makes a compelling case for lawn care crews and landscapers considering the move away from gas. However, the high cost of entry is likely to cause some folks to pause before pulling the trigger. You’ll have to consider that against your fuel and maintenance costs alongside the convenience and environmental benefits over the long term to determine if it’s the right move for your business.

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