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Ridgid Lithium-ion Power Tool Batteries – Every Available Model

RIDGID cordless tool batteries

Ridgid has made a lot of lithium-ion tool batteries over the years. While we’ve seen the expiration of Ridgid Hyper Lithium-ion batteries and Ridgid Octane, we now have Ridgid Max Output batteries and newer packs that promise increased power or compactness. Over the years, the power density has increased dramatically—and charge times have dropped. Ridgid 18V Lithium-ion tool batteries range in capacity from 1.5Ah to 6Ah or more.

The smallest Ridgid battery now charges in just 20 minutes, while their 6Ah pack takes around 90 minutes to completely recharge.

Ridgid batteries all include electronics that protect the packs against overcharging, overheating, and overloading. They also provide excellent cold-weather performance which lets the lithium-ion batteries operate down to -4⁰F.

Ridgid Lithium-ion Batteries – Every Available Model

18V 1.5 Amp-hour Compact Battery

Model: AC870015N
Voltage: 18V
Amp-hour rating: 1.5 Ah
Charge time: 20 minutes
Price: $69.97

18V 2.0 Amp-hour Compact Battery

Model: AC8400802
Voltage: 18V
Amp-hour rating: 2.0 Ah
Charge time: 30 minutes
Price: $79

18V 4.0 Amp-hour Battery

Model: AC87004
Voltage: 18V
Amp hour rating: 4.0 Ah
Charge time: 60 minutes
Price: $109

18V 2.0 Amp-hour Max Output Compact Battery

Model: AC840020N
Voltage: 18V
Amp-hour rating: 2.0 Ah
Charge time: 30 minutes
Price: $69.97

18V 4.0 Amp-hourMax Output Battery

Model: AC840040
Voltage: 18V
Amp hour rating: 4.0 Ah
Charge time: 60 minutes
Price: $119

18V 6.0 Amp-hourMax Output Battery

Model: AC840060
Voltage: 18V
Amp hour rating: 6.0 Ah
Charge time: 90 minutes
Price: $139

Ridgid 12V Batteries and Tools Discontinued

RIDGID seems to have completely discontinued its 12V line of tools and batteries. Whether they resurface again is anyone’s guess. However, for now, even the following batteries are no longer available:

12V 2.0 Amp Hour Compact Hyper Lithium-Ion Battery

Model: AC82049
Voltage: 12V
Amp hour rating: 2.0Ah
Charge time: 30 minutes
Price: $49

12V 4.0 Amp Hour High Capacity Hyper Lithium-Ion Battery

Model: AC82059
Voltage: 12V
Amp hour rating: 4.0Ah
Charge time: 60 minutes
Price: $89

Are Ridgid Lithium-ion Batteries Eligible for the LSA?

All Ridgid batteries come with a 3-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. All Ridgid 18V batteries are now also eligible for the Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement (LSA) provided you register them within 90 days of purchase.

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