Ridgid R4041S 8-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Ridgid R4041S 8" Wet Tile Saw

Ridgid 8-Inch Wet Tile Saw Showcases Unlimited Rip Capacity

The Ridgid 8-inch wet tile saw extends the brand’s popular line-up with new features that certainly got our attention. With a 12 amp, 1.2 hp motor, Ridgid tells us they’ve designed the R4041S to cut easily through both natural and manmade tile and pavers. And, with its innovative drop gate, it gives you virtually unlimited rip capacity for cutting plank-style tiles.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Ridgid R4041S
  • 12A, 1.2 Hp motor
  • Drop gate allows for unlimited rip capacity on plank-style tiles
  • Oversized cut capacity capable of cutting through 4″ wall blocks in two passes
  • Die-cast aluminum table
  • Dual-sealed ball bearing rollers
  • Optimized water nozzle system, guard baffle system, splash guard, rear water tray, and isolation wall
  • Folding stand with tool-free height adjustment
  • Includes Ridgid’s Lifetime Service Agreement
  • Price: $499

Ridgid 8-Inch Wet Tile Saw Design

Power and Capacity

The Ridgid 8-inch wet tile saw has an oversized 2 3/4-inch cut capacity, letting you cut through 4-inch wall blocks in only two passes. Compared to Ridgid’s 7-inch tabletop tile saw that only has 1 1/4-inch cutting depth (R4021), and it’s an impressive step up.

Ridgid 8-Inch Wet Tile Saw Profile

The design is a step up from Ridgid’s R40315S—a 9-amp, 7-inch model. It has a similar oversize design that gets you to 2 1/4-inch depths. One of the major benefits of stepping up to the Ridgid 8-inch tile saw is that you have a little more cutting depth and more power. So when you’re making those thicker cuts, you can expect more confidence all the way around.

Unlimited Rip Capacity?

One of Ridgid’s big claims for the R4041S is its “unlimited rip cut capacity.” They’re specifically talking about plank-style tiles and they pull it off with a new drop gate feature. It allows you to lower the table fence and opens the table up for those longer rip cuts. You still have to navigate that you only have so much sled movement, though.

Ridgid 8-Inch Wet Tile Saw Drop Fence

Even when you need to drop the fence, it still has an aluminum miter and rip guide to help you make precise cuts from 0º to 45º left and right.

Get the Ball (Bearing) Rolling

One other notable improvement on this Ridgid 8-inch wet tile saw comes on the ball bearing side. They’re dust sealed and should provide better stability during your cuts.

Cutting Plank Tile

Additional Features

  • Laser cut line indicator
  • Die-cast, rust-free aluminum table
  • Cast aluminum arm
  • Optimized water control system to reduce mess
  • Removable water tray
  • Includes a tool-free adjustable aluminum folding stand with non-marring feet
Ridgid 8-Inch Wet Tile Saw Features

Ridgid 8-Inch Wet Tile Saw Pricing

You can pick up the Ridgid R4041S at your local Home Depot or on their website. It retails for $499 and comes with everything you need to get started, including an 8″ diamond wheel and folding stand. When you register your tile saw within 90 days of purchase, you get Ridgid’s Lifetime Service Agreement.

Ridgid Tile Saw Comparison

Should you move up to Ridgid’s 8-inch tile saw or stick with their 7-inch model? Or maybe you need to go bigger with the 10-inch? Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide!

Motor9 amps12 amps15 amps
Blade Diameter7 in.8 in.10 in.
Cutting Depth2 1/4 in.2 3/4 in.3 1/2 in.
Rip Capacity24 in.Unlimited*34 in.
Diagonal Capacity18 in.18 in.24 in.
Bevel Capacity0º – 45º0º – 45º0º – 45º
No-Load Speed5700 RPM4400 RPM4000 RPM
Weight45 lbs.48 lbs.99 lbs.
*Specifications list 48-inch maximum rip capacity

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the tile business or even landscaping, upgrading to the Ridgid 8-inch tile saw is worth your consideration. For flooring Pros, the drop fence capability can let you handle those plank tiles more easily. On the landscaping side, having the extra cutting depth and muscle simply makes for a more capable tile saw when you’re cutting pavers. Either way, it’s a nice middle ground between the 7-inch and 10-inch saws.

Ridgid 8-Inch Wet Tile Saw Specs

  • Model: Ridgid R4041S
  • Amperage: 12A
  • Max Speed: 4,400 rpm
  • Horsepower: 1.2 hp
  • Blade: 8 in. Diamond blade
  • Blade Thickness: .047 in.
  • Max Tile Cut Diagonal: 18 in.
  • Max Tile Cut Size Rip: 48 in.
  • Dimensions: 27H x 20D x 17W in.
  • Weight: 49 lbs.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Service Agreement
  • Price: $499

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