Ryobi PCL600 18V One+ Bluetooth Speaker and Radio

Ryobi PCL600 Bluetooth Speaker

Ryobi’s PCL600 18V One+ Speaker Promises Better Sound Quality And Long Range

The perfect soundtrack can make everything better, including work. Whether you’re on the jobsite, doing some housework, or having fun outdoors, the Ryobi PCL600 Bluetooth Speaker aims to give you the runtime and sound quality you need. We got our hands on this speaker to see what it has in store and give you an idea of what to expect before buying.

Using the Ryobi PCL600 Bluetooth Speaker

Ryobi PCL600 Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker functions as both an FM radio and a Bluetooth speaker for streaming music via a mobile device. It also has a USB charging port for charging devices rated for up to 2 amps, which is up from the previous model’s 1-amp power. That’s 2 times faster charging compared to the P742.

Compared to Ryobi’s last speaker/radio (P742), the Bluetooth range on the PCL600 increases significantly from 30 feet to over 175 feet. You have a lot more freedom to roam, which helps when you’re on the jobsite and you need to move around more frequently.

It’s worth noting that Ryobi nixed the auxiliary port with the PCL600 Bluetooth Speaker, assumably because most modern devices no longer feature aux outputs for audio. That said, it’s difficult to find someone with a smart device that doesn’t support Bluetooth. That function should be more than sufficient for anyone who wants to stream their favorite tunes.

As for the FM radio, you can set up to 10 presets in the speaker’s memory and toggle through them using the control interface on the front of the speaker.


Here’s a breakdown of the controls:

  • Power button: Press and hold briefly to power the speaker on or off. This button also toggles between radio and Bluetooth mode.
  • Volume up/down: Adjust the volume settings between 0-16
  • Play/Pause: Control your music when connected to a Bluetooth device
  • Tune/Seek: The left- and right-facing arrows allow you to tune the FM radio to your favorite station. These buttons also function as skip/back buttons if you’re streaming music via Bluetooth.
  • Preset: Store up to 10 FM stations by pressing the preset button, tuning to your desired station, and re-pressing the preset button.

Ryobi PCL600 Bluetooth Speaker Sound Quality

When it comes to small speakers, especially at a high-value price point like this one, you have to temper your sound quality expectations a bit. After all, you don’t expect a $100 cordless drill to keep up with a $300 one, and the same goes for sound equipment.

Still, we came away impressed with what Ryobi is offering for the price. At the top of the volume range, it does a nice job of avoiding a ton of distortion. At lower levels, quiet voices come through well and it has a pleasing range of lows, mids, and highs.

Of course, it’s not as crisp as high-end speakers and doesn’t have the low end of a speaker with a dedicated subwoofer. However, it’s a heck of a lot better than Ryobi’s previous models in the small speaker class.

Additional Features

  • Carrying handle cove on the back
  • Rubber bottom feet reduce the risk of the speaker slipping or falling
  • LCD display
  • Compact size

Ryobi PCL600 Bluetooth Speaker Price

This speaker retails as a bare tool for $59.97 and you can find it exclusively at The Home Depot starting in October 2022. Ryobi backs it with a 3-year warranty.


  • Model: Ryobi PCL600
  • Length: 5.25 in
  • Width: 5.25 in
  • Height: 7.5 in
  • Depth:3.5 in
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Voltage: 18V

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